Lesser cotton production in India

Lesser cotton production in India

Indian actual cotton production 2011-12 will be less than estimated due to unseasonal rains provoking decreasing yields

The US Department of Agriculture estimated on December 31, 2011 that the Indian harvest will be 34.5 million bales of 170 kg each but Indian sources (Confederation of Indian Textiles Industry) forecast only 31.5 to 33 million bales due to the unusual heavy rains. This might enforce price levels. The planted cotton area was expanded by 9.9 % to 12.2 hectares (30.1 million acres). India earmarks around 8 million bales for export or 14% more than last season. It is expected that China will further build up its reserves and probably will import up to 3.3 (2.2) million metric tons up to July 31, 2012. Because the Indian currency depreciated against the USD China’s interest in Indian cotton is increasing.

India is the third largest cotton producer worldwide. 

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