Precision material insights

Precision material insights

Swiss Empa (Materials Science & Technology and belonging to The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) owns one of the three most extensive and precise industry computer CT installation allowing material insights such as fibres in concrete and harmful substances in particle filters

Empa uses the CT computer tomography in 3D form (350° circle of the object) for industrial purposes. The computer produces layer photographs of an object. Whereas medical CT’s imply only 90 seconds to produce medical information in contrast the radiation with industrial CT’s needs according to the difficulty of the task between a couple of minutes up to hours. During this process also a 25 micro meter loophole can be immediately detected. Empa and its division electronics/measure techniques/accuracy (head is Alexander Flisch) have an experience of 20 years in this kind of CT’s for the benefit of various industries, including Technical Textiles. Among the tasks performed there are also very unusual inspections such as the reverse engineering of a motor cycle’s engine – because the construction plans got lost – and with the computer model the constructor could further develop and perfection the engine destined to win the motor cycle championship. Since it is a non destructible method it serves also to inspect in detail parts and to detect material defects.

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