Robust EU Trading

Robust EU Trading

EU trading was still robust in October 2011 and in the first ten months of 2011. These are the findings of Eurostat, the European statistical office.

In October the Extra EA17 exports – compared to the same month one year earlier – grew 6% to EUR 147.7 billion (EUR 139.8 billion) and 13% to EUR 1428.9 billion until October. The import of these countries increased by 7% to EUR 146.6 billion (EUR 136.7 billion) and 14% to 1447.7 billion. However the favourable trade balance diminished in October from EUR 3.1 to EUR 1.1 billion.

The Extra EU27 exports were EUR 134.4 billion (EUR 121.4 billion) or plus 8.0 % and at a 14 percent rate in the first ten months to EUR 1258.1 billion (EUR 1103.5 billion). The imports amounted in October to EUR 142.4 billion (+9.0 %) and over ten months to EUR 1’400.0 billion (+13%). The negative trade balance widened from EUR 131.0 billion to EUR141.9 billion over ten months and in October from EUR 9.6 billion to EUR 11.0 billion.

Machinery (incld. textile machinery and accessories) exports of the EU27 totalled in the first nine months of 2011 EUR 475 billion (+15%), other manufactured goods (including textiles and clothing) increased 15% to EUR 262.0 billion.

The most important trading partners in the first nine months of the EU 27 were USA, China, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Japan, India, Brazil and South Korea.

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