New significant in between season for fashion

New significant in between season for fashion

The recently ever so often created “pre-fall” lines coming up between spring and fall develop into the most lucrative times of the year and creating healthy sales. These are the recent findings by the Wall Street Journal.

Of course these lines consist no longer of somewhat dull fashion items as they were in the past, like blazers, skirts and pullovers and in unspectacular colours and mostly shown only at private events.

The new lines are also a challenge to designers now throwing a spotlight on fashion, namely Oscar de la Renta and Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel are among the promoters of dramatic, red carpet ready looks and shows of high profile for these pre-fall 2012 collections. They took already place during the month of December 2011. And during this first month of 2012 there will be more presentations by Givenchy and other important fashion names. The shows have their own characteristics with models just standing there rather than presenting the lines on the catwalk. The first pre-fall designs are available in stores in May and June thus two to three months before the fall lines arrive in the stores and they remain on offer until January allowing retailers to sell them at full price rather than being marked down as the autumn lines. Pre-fall lines typically nowadays represent 60 % to 70 % of the autumn lines of designers and an average of 60 % of pertinent fall orders by key retailers. And usually prominent people wear those pieces ahead of when they arrive in the stores thus creating buying spirit prior to their effective availability to general customers.

Also the so called “Resort”(presented at a fashionable resort location) lines are marketing opportunities to perfection for pre-fall since they are presented in December, and on red carpet in January/February and they hit the ales points in May, However those pieces should be worn starting around mid-August. Therefore they are also designed in lighter weights and colours. Michael Kors for instance showed recently a coat worn with shorts in the USA and Vera Wang presented dark-coloured sleeveless fur coats and wool shrugs with light chiffon dresses in colourful spring-like prints. De la Renta showed short-sleeve outerwear and a silk merino “cardigan coat” with mink collar. It is all destined to tempt fashion freaks also in economic downturns to still open their pocketbooks.

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