Why and how women are shopping

Why and how women are shopping

A survey by McKinsey reveals that women and men have different shopping habits

The differing reason number one is that women still have primary responsibility for both children and elderly persons and they consider shipping as part of their care giving role in the family and household. That is why women are predominantly buying on behalf of everyone in their lives considering the needs of others when they shop even when they go shopping for themselves. In contrast, men in general don’t have the role of primary shopper for their households therefore they tend to view shopping in a more transactional manner.

Clever retailers such as clothier Lululemon, American Girl and Nordstrom are catering to a female appeal. The yoga inspired Lululemon athletic clothing retailer creates in its stores a sense of community by localising each location and by elegant but simple customer service practise such as an employee (by asking also for the right spelling) is marking your name on a whiteboard when you are going into the dressing room and the person is addressed by her name during the time spent in the store. American Girl’s female approach is its ability to deliver a wildly personalised experience for both young girls, their mothers, grandmothers and other caregivers and Nordstrom is known for its customer service. As an example, customers have ample possibilities to sit down in a chair which is also inviting to companions while exploring shopping opportunities then in the compressed world of busy women shipping for pleasure in the company of good friends became a rare experience. But they like to go from store to store, share experience and most of all to talk to each other because connecting is in that case the really main event.





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