A virtual fashion museum in Paris

A virtual fashion museum in Paris

In the last few days a new fashion museum was opening in the French capital city and it is a sort of pioneers’ work because it is virtual and incorporates 3-D-technology

The Valentino Garavani Virtual Fashion museum documents the prominent designer’s 50 year career and a legion of models in his typical signature “Valentino red” are serving as online teaser for ones desktop download application.

50 years in fashion is a long time and the presentation entails around 100 fashion shows on video and 5000 dresses as well as original sketches and photographs of the clothes and the celebrities who wore them plus a vision of Valentino’s own world.

The first virtual fashion museum allows people to interact and it is in a concept of digital “master classes” with Valentino and Giammetti, a long time partner who realised this document together with Caravani as well partner of the designer. The interactive part was done in partnership with specialised Novacom Associés in Paris and with Patrick Kinmonth and Antonio Monfreda the design partnership creating in 2007 the Valentino exhibition at the Museo dell’Ara Pacis in Rome. In addition they realised the private museum on Valentino’s estate in Wideville Château near Paris.

The basic idea is to make archives accessible with online facilities, unlimited possibilities for interconnections and cross-references. A key outfit can be examined in all detail and 3-D and with explanations of its cut and how it was elaborated, where it was first shown and who wore it. It lets one follow the history of Valentino (who retired in 2008) and present it adequately to a generation used to YouTube and Facebook or Twitter. It makes at the same time Valentino and his designs immortal and thus a legacy. The project could be realised thanks to a non profit association and makes the archive globally available. Have a look for yourself by clicking at the first website address.




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