First European Sector Council

First European Sector Council

In line with Europe 2020 strategy to bridge skills gaps the first sector initiative was launched December 6, 2011 and is destined to EU textile, clothing and leather industries

The European Council on Education Training and Employment for Textile Clothing Leather (EU TCL Skills Council) is a network steered by EU social partners ETUF, EURATEX the European Apparel and Textile Confederation and COTANCE the European Confederation of Leather and Tanning). It is enjoying the financial support by the EU Directorate General for Employment and Social Affairs and is covering more than 27 countries and over 400 organisations and companies are involved. Also a web portal was launched to allow exchanges between the key players and to provide updated pedagogical materials for the sectors in order to develop new strategies for adapting and improving the current labour market. The TCL Skills Council is identifying and monitoring training needs and transferring the solutions to educational and training institutions but also training need and market offer should be matched as well as specific projects and initiatives at both EU and national level should be initiated. It is the aim to create more and better jobs within the three branches of industry.

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