Teaming up to push highest standards for Chinese textiles

Teaming up to push highest standards for Chinese textiles

Huntsman Textile Effects (HTE) and the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) are teaming up as strategic partners to enhance future efforts to provide total textile solutions for economic and environmental sustainability for China’s textile industry

Huntsman Textile Effects will start to work with CNTAC on two major initiatives catering to improve mills’ productivity and efficiency with the goal to improve the performance of China’s textile industries and according to world class standards.

In a first move early 2012 HTE will provide CNCS with colour solutions to match 900 cotton shades according to national performance standards applying HTE’s best available technologies and making use of the range of Novacron® dyes. The shades are destined to brands and mills offering both operational excellence while also meeting performance and ecological requirements.

The launch of Fabrics China Swing Tag program is another step leading to a hangtag program based on a brand assuring scheme of highest international standard with confirmed added value effects for fabrics and garments for easy care, with sun protection, water and oil repellence and lasting colour.

The partners will perform also joint activities to boost and promote these programs by conferences, technical events and media to trigger the interest of the Chinese textile industry. The partnership was achieved in Beijing (PRC) on last November 16 in presence of Sun Ruizhe, Vice Chairman of CNTAC, Albert G.W. Fu, Vice President of China Textile Information Centre (CTIC) and Rohit Aggarwal, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Planning of Huntsman Textile Effects.

Sun Ruizhe was voicing confidence that this move will transform China’s textile industry from a follower to become a world-class leader and innovator to the global textile markets and that the partnership will radically change the way of actual operation schemes focusing solely on production but looking in the future at the entire value chain thus resulting in product innovation and a structured and orderly competitive environment for China.

Rohit Aggarwal added that the partnership will help to develop a world class textile hub in China and assist the Chinese textile industry to increase its market influence in the global textile markets by applying better technology, innovation and the use of environmentally friendly dyes and additives protecting the health and well being of its consumers.

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