Still thriving German textiles

Still thriving German textiles

Germany’s textile and clothing business was up to September 2011 in an upswing due to higher domestic and international demand

The two sectors textiles and clothing increased January to September 2011 by 9.0 % to EUR 13322 million thereof turnover in textiles added 10.2% to EUR 7754 million and clothing 7.4 % to EUR 5568 million. In September 2011 as against the same month of 2010 total turnover increased by 3.6% to EUR 1715 and textiles had a share of EUR 950 million (+7.1 %) and clothing EUR 764 million (-0.4%). Also order logs remain on a rather high level and employment was increasing slightly and manufacturing price increased in the first nine months by 7.2% for textiles and by 1.9 % for clothing. The so far best performing sectors were hosiery and knitting and work wear as well as clothing whereas carpets and made up textiles and lingerie developed beyond average. The estimates for all of 2011: a growth in sales of around 7 %.


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