Cooperation brings fruitful results

Cooperation brings fruitful results

Swiss textile company Hermann Buehler has been involved at the forefront in the development process of the new Rieter J 20 air-jet spinning machine and also knitting machine manufacturer Santoni (I) formed part of a successful industrial testing

Hermann Buehler (CH/USA) is located near Rieter Textile Machinery manufacturer in Winterthur (CH) and the two companies enjoy a long time cooperation when a new spinning machine generation is about to come to light. One of the first new Rieter J 20 air-jet spinning machine forms already a successful part of Buehler’s production line and the company states that it is the first air-jet spun cotton yarn on the market that can be processed without problems. Renata Franz, Business Development Manager at Buehler comments: “The good bobbin build-up of the cylindrical bobbins allows perfect operational behaviour on the knitting machine. The optimal structural fibre bonding of the ComforJet® yarn provides excellent pilling characteristics in the end product. Since fibre ends cannot be freed the perfect fabric appearance is secured even after numerous washing processes and the shrinkage rate is lower as compared to the classic ring yarn and knits and foremost seamless knits remain dimensionally stable”.

Buehler’s ComforJet® yarn in a count of Ne 50 (Nm 85) was easily processed on Santoni’s latest high speed circular knitting machine Atlas HS and at a speed of 45/U/min and with an extremely low fibre fly as many witnessed at ITMA Barcelona.

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