Cashmere labelling is still a problem in China

Cashmere labelling is still a problem in China

China’s affluent consumers buy cashmere clothing and mislabelling is still a problem whereas there are less fraudulent cases in Japan

Karl Spilhaus, President of CCMI Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturing Institute recently was interviewed by Senken Shimbun (J) and stated that there were quite fewer cases of mislabelling such as fraudulent admixture in Japan as compared to some years ago. Therefore confidence was restored along the supply chains and this is also a result of rigid tests carried out at each stage of the supply chain from spinning, weaving, knitting, wholesale and retail to protect the value of cashmere.

He underlines also that China is becoming the world largest market for luxury goods including cashmere but there are still many cases of mislabelling because the market is not matured in some areas. CCMI will step up to find a better regulation of the market by exchange of opinions and communications with Chinese government agencies and trade associations relevant to cashmere and wool. One measure is to offer Fiber Boxes to laboratories to detect fraudulent admixture. If you click on the website below you will find more information.

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