License for Rieter ComforJet® yarns

License for Rieter ComforJet® yarns

Austrian Linz Textil GmbH has acquired a Rieter license for its ComforJet® yarns produced on the new Rieter J 20 air jet spinning machine

Linz Textil (spinning and weaving) is known to be always at the forefront of technological developments and is also one of the first Rieter (CH) customers acquiring a license and thus becoming a certified supplier of ComforJet® yarns.

ComforJet® is an air-jet spun yarn differing from other spinning technologies. This type of yar is formed by the flow of compressed air with very low hairiness, short fibre ends and small loops thus with high wash and pilling resistance. The yarn’s softness and volume permits higher fabric density and evenness and thanks to ComforJet® piecing technology this process is not visible in the end product and a fact that contributes to its added value.

Rieter promotes the supply sources for licensed yarns by a direct link to the licensee via the Rieter website. Customers acquiring a license may be benefitting of the knowhow of Rieter experts and support in special projects. Additionally licensees may profit from Rieter marketing support in conjunction with their own marketing efforts.


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