A textile focus on Cambodia

A textile focus on Cambodia

Cambodia’s garment industry is important for its industrial sector and for exports

 The Cambodian garment industry represents 2010 12 % of GDP General Domestic Product and accounts for 80 % of all exports and employs around 319’000 persons. However in the WTO World Trade Organization trade report the government states that the outlook for Cambodian garment exports is clouded by structural changes in the market and lagging competitiveness. Unit prices for garments continue to decrease as a result of aggressive competition, namely from China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Additionally the growth of the garment industry has decreased since 2008 when the safeguard measures imposed on China by the U.S.A. and EU. Some relief in exports is registered due to the relaxed rule of origin of the EU on preferential tariffs for LDC exports to EU in effect since January 1, 2011. The expected growth of Cambodia’s GDP in the ongoing year is around 6 %, up to 2008 the annual growth rate was 10 %.

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