Technical Textiles prospects until 2017

Technical Textiles prospects until 2017

If you are looking for a detailed insight into Technical Textiles and their prospects you will find it in a new publication of CIFRS the European Man-Made Fibres Association

Technical Textiles become ever more important and continue to spread into new sectors and applications. If you are interested in the status quo and in the future development up to 2017 than you should acquire “World Markets For Technical Textiles to 2017”. It is the first publication after the past up to 2012.

The new publication based on research by CIFRS is published by International Newsletters and can be ordered by clicking on the link below. The content covers not only the future developments but describes also all technical aspects including the fibres used to manufacture technical textiles and its manufacturing processes and technological changes. Also competitive issues and recent environmental and legislative developments form part of the publication and comprehensive tables indicate the most important factors such as properties and application of different technical textiles, labour cost, forecasts of global consumption and production in the future.

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