The art of dyeing

The art of dyeing

German Carl Meiser, a high quality commission dyeing specialist has just installed the first 4-chamber „iMaster H2O” dyeing unit from German Thies


The new Thies iMaster H2Odyeing machine

Carl Meiser GmbH is a specialist for commission dyeing of modern fabrics and technical textiles and is a family owned business and has two operating companies: Meiser (founded in 1965) is a 100% service company for textiles with dye house, bleaching and finishing units and it caters to the top of the line of ladies, men’s and children’s lingerie and underwear and to customers from Southern Germany, Italy, Austria and Eastern Europe. The company works with a wide range of fabrics and blends such as polyamide, polyester, cotton, micro model and elastane. Then there is the second company Nopma Technical Textiles (founded 1999) as partner for companies looking for enhanced solutions in technical textiles for aviation, automotive, medical and caravanning sectors. The companies operate separately but sharing knowhow and production facilities.

According to in-house information it is very difficult for Meiser to predict the batch sizes and there is an increasing demand for smaller batches. Therefore the company was looking for a low batch capacity machine.

Meiser and Thies teamed up, exchanged knowhow, made trials on the prototype leading to a series of design changes, for instance the instrument inspection system “wash control” inside the chamber allowing constant monitoring colour measurement throughout the dyeing process and finally culminating in clear water at the end of the washing cycle. The new system features a new winch design inside the Kier operating at speeds up to 500 m/min. With a designed 100 kg/chamber it is possible to produce up to 420 kg to as low as 80 kg utilising all four chambers. The new iMaster H2O Thies dyeing machine has been designed for fabrics and knitted goods and offers ultra-low dye liquor level with rations as low as 1:3.7 for cotton qualities. Also Nopma is profiting of the new dyeing units because now it can dye its knitted polyester fabrics with anti-slip materials for example for the trunk of Mercedes Series X204 and SLK automobiles.

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