Controversial textile data

Controversial textile data

According to ITMF International Textile Manufacturers Association the global fabric production was decreasing in the second quarter 2011 and probably third quarter whereas the outlook is more positive for the last quarter of this year.

In the second quarter 2011 the global yarn production increased by 12.1 % thanks to the higher output in Asia (+13.9 %) and of course particularly in China. The output of global fabrics was also 12.1 % higher thanks to Asia (+5.1 %) and South America (+3.6 % but in contrast there was less production in Europe (-1.3 %) and North America (-0.4 %).

Global yarn stocks increased by 16.4 % as against the first quarter especially due to higher stocks in South America (+39.9%) and Asia (+21.8 %) whereas those in Europe and North America remained practically at previous levels. Fabric inventories were higher in North America (+56.8 %) and South America (+9.2 %) whilst those in Europe and Asia were slightly decreasing. Expectations for the third quarter in the two sectors of industry are negative or stagnate, however the outlook for both look better in the fourth quarter.

The order situation of yarn and fabrics presented itself as follows: Europe’s yarn orders minus 0.4 % and fabrics -1.2 %. In Brazil yarn orders tumbled by 30.4 % and fabrics by 10.5 %. On an annual yarn and fabric orders remained unchanged in Europe yarn orders decreased in Brazil by 40 % and for fabrics by 18.7%.

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