Higher efficiency thanks to retrofitting

Higher efficiency thanks to retrofitting

Swiss Rieter Textile Machinery is offering new retrofitting to eliminate bottlenecks in combing operations

Conversion kits of the E 7/5 and E 7/5A combers allow the customer to eliminate bottlenecks in the combing process.

The conversion kits enable increased nip rates from 250 to a maximum of 350 nips/min and already many customers took advantage of this retrofitting with positive results, higher production volumes and improved quality of the combed sliver.

Rieter’s conversion kit is made of several modules: a high-performance nipper (Picture 2 and Picture 3 in operation), a circular comb and a top comb all are essential technology elements and a new main motor allows nip rates to be substantially increased (Picture 1)

Picture 1

Rieter’s high-performance nipper permits an increased output in the range of up to 15 %. The higher clamping force ensures that the lap is grasped more firmly and allows batting weights of up to 80 g/m resulting in fewer imperfections and in raw material savings with the same noil extraction rates.

PRIMACOMB® circular combs are important for a trouble free running behavior as well as for the desired noil extraction rate thus achieving the required yarn quality. Those circular combs reflect a core competence of Rieter and can be described to be the heart of every Rieter comber.

Picture 2

The Ri-Q-Top top combs with needles allow a better self-cleaning in comparison to conventional top combs therefore also reduced soiling and the cleaning cycles are up to four times extended. More effective top comb action is resulting because of the optimum tooth shape and cross section leading to removing of more short fibres, dust, dirt, neps and seed trash. Rieter combers fulfill the highest given standards from the very moment of installation and for many years to come.

Picture 3


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