Sustainability call for jeans production

Sustainability call for jeans production

Sustainability is now on everybody’s mind. Higher efficiency, awareness of water shortage and climatic changes are provoking some changes in textile production and consumers behaviour.

Prominent U.S. jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss is paying more attention to the sustainability of its jeans knowing well that a pair of blue jeans consumes over 3478 litre water from cotton field to local shelves and during its life cycle. The company is decided to reduce this quantity along the net value chain and is also changing jeans production. Stone-washed denim is now smoothed with rocks and without using water. The new tags on jeans urge end customers to wash less and to use for the washing only cold water and in order to kill germs and eliminate bad smells Levi’s advises to put the garment for a short time into the deep freezer. The American company is also concerned about the world’s cotton production because every pair of jeans contents around 900 grams of cotton and needs therefore to protect its sourcing also under the aspect of climatic changes. 

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