A new Weft monitoring generation

A new Weft monitoring generation

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ITEMA’s Maestro Weft Monitoring on Silver 501 rapier weaving loom

The newly by ITEMA (I) at ITMA Barcelona introduced Maestro Weft Monitoring System on its new Silver 501 Rapier Machine offers weavers a more detailed monitoring and the system differentiates itself from competitors solutions

The Maestro Weft Monitoring System uses a special weft detector that transmits signals from each eyelet to the micro-processor of the loom. Innovative software from the loom’s micro-processor allows real time analysis of the signal and thus efficient handling of all weft breakage conditions.

The weft detector has been designed to produce a numerical value for each of the 8 or 12 eyelets of the detector. If no weft is inserted for a given position the signal value will be extremely low (signal noise level), if a weft yarn is moving in the eyelet, the numerical value can go up as high as 4000, thus offering a very good signal/noise ratio. For each pick insertion, the 8 or 12 numerical values are continuously transmitted to the loom’s micro-processor, multiple times for each pick and for each degree of the weaving cycle. A new fast loom micro-processor and the new electronic NCO (common electronic platform for all ITEMA’s loom types) secures also very fast data communication between the weft detector and the loom’s electronics and is guaranteed even at extremely high rapier weaving speeds.


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