Critical voice regarding ITMA Barcelona

Critical voice regarding ITMA Barcelona

Less exhibitors/visitors at ITMA Barcelona makes the exhibitions costly but at the end of the day expectations were exceeded states Japanese Shima Seiki (knitting machines).

Shima Seiki states in its press release that there were less exhibitors and visitors at ITMA Barcelona than at ITMA Munich 2007 but finally the results exceeded its expectations because the company recorded a higher than expected number of sales, prospective sales and and inquiries (2.5 times more than in Munich). But there is also a critical note regarding its participation at ITMA: “Considering the current global economy and the fact that an overwhelming majority of textile production is located in China, the venue location of Barcelona, Spain did not offer consolation for concerns initially raised regarding cost-effectiveness of exhibiting at ITMA. It was Shima Seiki’s 10th ITMA participation and marks also the company’s 50th anniversary. Despite these seemingly unfavourable conditions, Shima Seiki is voicing a strong interest to be present in European markets, including Spain as well as in other markets outside of East Asia and therefore the company elected to exhibit, not to cater to any specific market, but to pay homage to the tradition of ITMA as showcase for new technology”. The company claims also that in its sector competitors were not presenting new innovative technology.

The Japanese company sees itself as a leading innovator for knitting machines and presented at ITMA its various novelties either as entirely new models, gauges and prototypes, for example of 13 types of machinery shown there were 11 absolute novelties, amongst the world’s first flat knitting machine capable of shaping in 21 gauge and V-bed prototype machine equipped with two additional loop presser beds.

Finally the company states: “Despite current economic conditions the enthusiasm expressed by customers toward new technology and the resulting inquires helped to renew faith in the future of the knitting industry in Europe, its neighbouring regions and other markets. It formed also part of Shima Seiki’s aim to restore customer confidence in the future of knitting and show commitment to future progress”.

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