A new luxury fashionable exclusivity and must

A new luxury fashionable exclusivity and must

Nanotechnology offers many possibilities, it adds to comfort and functionality of garments and newly you can become proud owner of a real golden necktie thanks to the new findings of Swiss scientists of EMPA (Materials Science and Technology). A nano-meter thin real gold coating and a high-tech plasma process let your dream become real. The coated yarn is subtle, can be woven and is even laundry resistant. A limited edition (around 600 pieces per year could be produced) will be on the market before Christmas and further fashionable items and accessories are to follow. A fabric length covered with 25 gr of solid gold (24 carate) allows the cutting of three golden neckties covered each with 8 gr gold fabricated by necktie specialist Hofman & Co. AG in Zurich (CH) at CHF 7500 each piece!

The production of such products is effected by a machine of the size of a family refrigerator and is located at the spinning company Tersuisse in Emmen (CH). In the inside of the apparatus a piece of gold is in focus of fast flying Argon-Ions providing that the gold is taken off in very thin particles (atoms) to settle on a polyester thread flowing slowly through the machine. This process is the first of its kind to produce long lasting gold coated fabric and the beginning of a worldwide new manufacturing process. The development took over ten years and the use of various metals such as titan, aluminium , steel, copper and silver and the method provoked the metals in atomised form to fall upon polyester thread. Especially the silver coating was immediately commercialised as sensor construction parts and for antistatic industrial filter material but also for fashion purposes. The first golden thread kilometres were manufactured in 2011 the output is to increase in 2012. There are two Swiss industrial project partners involved: Weisbrod-Zürrer AG (weaving) and Jakob Schläpfer (embroidery), however due to the high external value of the CHF Weisbrod-Zürrer AG is going to cease production in Switzerland but will continue to manufacture outside of Switzerland. Jakob Schläpfer will present the real golden yarn in its haute couture collection of winter 2012/13.





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