New aramid plant

New aramid plant

Japanese Teijin Aramid opened a few days ago a new plant at Emmen (NL) to produce the most strong high performance HP-PE polyethylene tape under the brand name Endumax (made of special polyethylene UHMWPE) with the defined goal to reach by 2015 a world market share of 15 %. Endumax is eleven times stronger than steel of the same weight and its stiffness is comparable to carbon fibres and it is manufactured without dissolvent. This innovation was jointly developed by the Teijin laboratories in Japan and in the Netherlands. The fibre is extremely strong, resistant to chemicals, non-brittle, of low weight and it can be easily used in thin and flat structures and therefore the fibre will assume a significant role to fortify various materials and at the same time to reduce their weight. The fibre is already used for ball proof plates, pipes, high performance plastic plates and for small ribbons for cut resistant gloves, ropes and nets.

Already over a row of years the Netherlands play an important role in manufacturing super fibres and amongst them also Teijin’s aramid fibre Twaron.

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