With Bode New York on the catwalk in Paris

In collaboration with Appenzeller Belt, several unique pieces have been created as part of the Fall/Winter Collection 2020, inspired by New York artist and Appenzeller Belt wearer Benjamin Bloomstein.

On the catwalk in Paris with Bode New York for the autumn/winter collection 2020

All captions courtesy by Bode or Appenzeller Gurt

“The Guardian” describes Bode New York as “the most influential men’s clothing label you’ve never heard of. Designer Emily Bode is known for creating “keepsakes” (memorabilia) from quilts, table linen and other vintage fabrics. Their rise speaks volumes about the changing demands of fashion. Her texture-rich, sepia-coloured pieces are the opposite of the sportswear style that has dominated men’s fashion over the last ten years – mass-produced.

In collaboration with Appenzeller Belt, several unique pieces have been created as part of the Fall/Winter 2020 collection, whose look is inspired by the early life & work of New York artist and Appenzeller Belt wearer Benjamin Bloomstein.

The Autumn/Winter Collection 2020 (FW20) by Bode was presented at the Paris Fashion Week in mid-January. The collection focuses on the New York artist Benjamin Bloomstein. His career or “education” runs through the entire collection, and his visit to Appenzellerland has also been a defining feature since he became an enthusiastic Appenzeller belt wearer.

On the catwalk in Paris

The Curious Case of Benjamin Bloomstein

The cultural background and unconventional school education, which form the basis for Bloomstein’s work, reflect Bode’s principles: recycling, self-sufficiency and a commitment to the preservation of the craft. The collection pays homage to early communities and cultural groups that have long been rooted in these traditions. Benjamin Bloomstein – trained blacksmith, weaver and carpenter – creates a mixture of plastic objects and furniture within the framework of the collective Green River Project LLC.

In the spirit of this return to the qualities of craftsmanship and tradition, the Appenzeller Sennentum matches the spirit of the collection. The brass ornaments on belts, coats, trousers and shoes allude to the rural component and are used above all as a strong contrast to the monochrome fabrics, which are untypical of Bode.

The Appenzell slipper

The collection also includes the designer’s first shoe design – the Bode House shoe, which is intended for outdoor use but was inspired by the comfort of domestic interiors. The shoes in the collection are a partnership with Plasticana, a 100 % recyclable hemp-based shoe – also decorated with the high-quality Appenzell belt ornaments.

Kerby Jean-Raymond, designer and founder of the men’s fashion label Pyer Moss, in his tailor-made suit by Bode at the Oscar Party of Vanity Fair 2020.

Bode, founded in July 2016 by Emily Bode, is a high-quality men’s clothing brand that expresses a strong sentiment for the past through the study of personal stories and historical techniques. Silhouettes of workwear in a modern style combined with feminine-centred traditions of quilting or patching characterize the collections. Each garment tells a highly individual story. One third of Bode’s annual production is made from antique textiles.