Turkish textile exports down 5 % in 2019

Exports of Turkish textile and raw materials in 2019 decreased 5.5 % compared to the previous year. The share of textile and raw material exports in total exports decreased from 5.9 % to 5.5 %.

In 2019, the main export market for Turkish textile and raw material was 28 EU countries. Despite 8.2 % decrease, the share of textile exports to these markets was 49.9 %. Exports to the former Eastern Bloc increased 5.9 %. African countries ranked third among the biggest export markets. Exports to these countries decreased by 1.7 %.

Woven fabrics were the most important product group of textile and raw materials exports in 2019. Exports of woven fabrics, which account for 23.5 % of textile and raw material exports, decreased by 6.6 % compared to the previous year. Yarn exports decreased by 6.1 %. Home textiles constitute 15.9 % of the textile sector’s exports. This group’s exports increased 1.8 %. The share of fibre in total textile exports decreased from 13.7 to 6.4 %. Denim fabric exports decreased 11.5 %.