The multifunctional CINOTERRA Adventure Jacket

woom awarded IF Design Award once again

Austria-based manufacturer of children’s bikes woom has been awarded the IF Design Award for the second time. Industrial products with an outstanding design have been honoured with this accolade since the 1950s. The new woom OFF mountain bike and the “Adventure Jacket”, a recent addition to the new fashion label from woom, were the products recognised for their design excellence. This year, 7,298 products from 56 countries were entered into the IF Design Award and rated by the 78 members of the judging panel. This is the second time that woom has received the #ifdesignaward2020, with its bike helmet for children and the “woom 2” bike having won in 2018.

A streak of awards

woom has already received a great many other awards. This is the third prize for the award-winning jacket and the second for the mountain bike. In fact, the woom mountain bike equipped with a carbon fork and disk brakes has been a bestseller since it was released last summer. As of March, the model will also be available with a suspension fork.

The multifunctional CINOTERRA Adventure Jacket is made from uncoated cotton, which is processed using a special technique to ensure that the garment is water-repellent. It is the centrepiece of woom’s “WORN TO BE WILD” outdoor fashion label, which features items that are designed to be worn every day and yet are also ideal for cycling thanks to clever features and thoughtful additions like back pockets and a bike-fit cut.

The multifunctional CINOTERRA Adventure Jacket

The world’s lightest series-production children’s bikes from woom

The Austrian company has revolutionised children’s bikes, leading the way and setting new standards for superlight, ergonomic bicycles. These ultralight bikes designed with the anatomy and requirements of children between the ages of 18 months and 14 years in mind make beginners feel safe and steady from the word go. This helps them learn how to get cycling much more quickly than on a standard children’s bike. The company continues to add to its portfolio and the diverse woom universe is now home to bikes, accessories and apparel. Founded back in 2013, woom has evolved to become a global brand experiencing impressive growth. As it stands, the relatively new company is active in 30 countries around the world, including the USA. Over the past seven years, woom has managed to become one of the most favoured children’s bike brands in the German-speaking world.

woom has also been named within the “Top Competitors with tremendous growth in the coming years” in the Global Junior Bikes Market Professional Survey Report 2019 from QY Research.