Innovation Planets: 4 dedicated showcase areas to discover Composite Innovations at JEC World

Innovation forms an integral part of JEC World, which will feature four showcase areas exclusively dedicated to the latest composite innovations in the fields of Aero & Space, Construction and Infrastructure, Mobility, Sport, Lifestyle and Healthcare. Visitors will be able to access these four areas and learn how composite products are changing these sectors and becoming leading edge innovations.

Innovation at the heart of JEC World 2020

The four Innovation Planets will demonstrate +120 products as well as videos and case studies from various industries, to showcase the benefits of using composites. Benefits such as: lightweighting, durability, impact resistance, stiffness, rigidity, freedom of form, aesthetical appeal, hybridization with other materials and resistance. These and other benefits are what make composites the high quality materials of the future.

The four Innovation Planets at JEC World 2020 will include:

•             “Aero & Space” which will highlight innovations that aim to use lightweight, high-strength materials to reduce the weight of parts leading to a reduction in energy consumption and of the sector’s environmental impact. Among the vast number of companies showcasing their products are: Airborne, Airbus, ATG Europe, Lineo SAS, GKN Fokker, National Composites Centre, Ascent Aerospace, Stelia Aerospace.

•             “Building & Industry” which will promote composites in building, construction, shipbuilding and infrastructure, and demonstrate their numerous qualities in terms of corrosion resistance, impact resistance and design freedom. Various industry players like Baltico, Saertex, Chomarat, BioMat, Hyconnect, Hankuk Carbon, Solutions Composites will showcase their latest manufactured parts among others.

•             “Mobility Planet”, sponsored by Hexion, which will demonstrate the importance of composites in auto transportation, motorbikes and railway as well as in Future Mobility concepts with fleets of autonomous and/or electric or hydrogen powered vehicles that will redefine the car design. Volkswagen, Hyundai, Faurecia, Nawa Technologies, Hexion, DLR, Bcomp, Cevotec will present their newly manufactured parts among many others.

•             “Sports & Lifestyle” will highlight three topics: sporting goods for leisure activities or professional disciplines, aesthecially appealing lifestyle products like high-end furniture as well as healthcare products like safe and customizable sport prostethics. Products from e.g. Asics, Ottobock, Reuse Composites, Compair, Persico Marine, Circular Wastes, Greenboats, Ossur, Innegra Technologies, Sicomin will be presented on the planet.

The Innovation Planets will demonstrate all the potential and benefits of composite materials as finished products or as complementary materials in various strategic industries, and therefore constitute one of JEC World 2020’s unmissable attractions.

JEC Group is the world’s leading company dedicated entirely to the development of information and business connections channels and platforms supporting the growth and promotion of the composite materials industry. Publisher of the JEC Composites Magazine – the industry’s reference magazine, JEC Group drives global innovation programs and organizes several events in the world, including JEC World (the foremost and world- leading international exhibition dedicated to composite materials and their applications), which takes place every March in Paris.