ICAC Combines Three Reports into One Massive, Annual ‘Cotton Data Book’

Executive Summary
The new ICAC Cotton Data Book:

  • Is an annual compilation of three reports that had previously been published once every three years
  • Will be published in December of each year
  • Sells for USD 250 less than the three reports combined sold separately in prior years

ICAC Combines Three Reports into One Massive, Annual ‘Cotton Data Book’
Over the past 30 years, the technical information section of the ICAC has been publishing three major triennial reports: ‘Cotton Production Practices’, ‘Cost of Production of Raw Cotton’, and ‘Structure of Cotton Research, Input Supply & Transfer of Technology’.
For the first time, those three publications have been compiled into a massive new cotton industry resource, ‘The 2020 Cotton Data Book.’ The 224-page digital book provides detailed data on the cotton industries of the top 38 countries and features more than 40 charts, tables and graphs to help illustrate the information.
Given the industry’s urgent need for up-to-date cotton data and statistics, the ICAC decided not only to combine the reports. but to publish the information every year rather than once every three years. The Cotton Data Book will be released annually during the ICAC Plenary Meeting.
‘In this Internet age of rapid information sourcing, there is a great hunger for numbers — and data reports get outdated pretty fast’, said Dr Keshav Kranthi, Head of the ICAC’s Technical Information Section and primary author of the publication. ‘This is the main reason why the ICAC decided to merge all three triennial reports into one annual report’.
The new digital publication will not only provide more timely information but also offer significant cost savings. The 2020 ICAC Cotton Data Book is being sold for USD 500, representing a USD 250 savings over the cost of the three formerly triennial reports.
The Table of Contents for the Cotton Data Book can be found here. To purchase a copy of the 2020 ICAC Cotton Data Book, please visit www.icac.org or click here.

Formed in 1939, the ICAC is an association of cotton producing, consuming and trading countries. It acts as a catalyst for change by helping member countries maintain a healthy world cotton economy; provides transparency to the world cotton market by serving as a clearinghouse for technical information on cotton production; and serves as a forum for discussing cotton issues of international significance. The ICAC does not have a role in setting market prices or in intervening in market mechanisms. www.icac.org