Sustainability … a new branch for the consumer?

The days of thinking that sustainability is not a textile industry concern are over. Expanding knowledge of the textile industry’s social and environmental impact opens the eyes of consumers around the world. In fact, in “The Key To Confidence: Consumers and Textile Sustainability”, the OEKO-TEX® global research study, 40 % of Millennials claimed climate changes as one of their top five worries.

We have already seen sustainability become an important factor in the food industry. Nearly three-quarters of Millennials report that they have purchased organic food or organic personal care products. Is it realistic to assume that the same purchase motivators will come into play as they examine their textiles?

In “The Key To Confidence: Consumers and Textile Sustainability” study, OEKO-TEX® figured out that 38 percent of Millennials admit that they don’t know a lot about how and of what their clothes and home textiles are made off. However, the trend suggests also that the younger age groups want to know more about the textile industry while using the internet and social media to be informed.

Millennials are and will be huge shoppers and keep them in the front lines of consumerism. Their demand to “do the right thing” and buy more responsible point them to brand and retailers who align with their values now and help them to reduce their sustainability footprint and protect the planet. Millennials know that sustainability is a never-ending movement. They embrace the concept of continuous improvement and want to know what their companies are doing now to become more sustainable, even if they are not yet totally green. Concerns about textile sustainability will continue to grow as consumers learn about the industry and factor that knowledge into what they buy. To learn more about OEKO-TEX®, please go to: