Looking forward – 2020 Ford Trends

This TextileFuture Newsletter is somewhat special, because the Ford Trends are rather traditional to all life aspects, but reveal some novelties.

The captions are selfexplanatory and we are sure, you will enjoy it.


The TextileFuture Newsletter of last week

Throwing light on two more successful Portuguese Textile Firms and economic factors https://textile-future.com/?p=32898

The highlights of TextileFuture’s News of last week. For your convenience just click on the feature.


EU Commission approves ZF’s acquisition of Wabco https://textile-future.com/?p=33738


EU and 16 WTO members agree to work together on an interim appeal arbitration arrangement https://textile-future.com/?p=33736


Automation progresses along the laundry sector https://textile-future.com/?p=33598

Carbon Fibre

State of the Art: Carbon Fibre 3D Printing, Part Four https://textile-future.com/?p=33501

Card Clothing

My Wires – The smart way to manage card clothings https://textile-future.com/?p=33720


adidas Celebrates Chinese New Year with New Collection Launch https://textile-future.com/?p=33663


Zola and Macy’s Launch Wedding Registry Partnership https://textile-future.com/?p=33754


VF Corporation to explore Strategic Alternatives for the Occupational Portion of Its Work Segment https://textile-future.com/?p=33559  

Picanol Group: update (2) following large-scale ransomware attack of Monday, January 13, 2020 https://textile-future.com/?p=33634

Autoneum’s 2019 financial year: revenue growth in a declining market https://textile-future.com/?p=33674

VF Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results and Adjusts Full Year Fiscal 2020 Outlook https://textile-future.com/?p=33703


China Phase 1 Trade Deal brings boost for U.S. Cotton https://textile-future.com/?p=33559


British Online sales growth in 2019 was the worst ever recorded https://textile-future.com/?p=33661

Why big brands are moving away from Amazon https://textile-future.com/?p=33671 


Leading denim ingredient brand ISKO takes the fashion world by storm with ISKO Wild™, the first ever denim fur https://textile-future.com/?p=33696

Department Store

The Department Store of the Future will look a lot like the Past https://textile-future.com/?p=33547 

Design Competition

Entries open for 2020 IFAI Student Design Competition https://textile-future.com/?p=33768


Moody’s lowers M&S’s credit rating from stable to negative https://textile-future.com/?p=33495


Education Transition at AATCC https://textile-future.com/?p=33764


Meijer earns 100 % on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s annual scorecard assessing LGBTQ workplace equality https://textile-future.com/?p=33744


JEC WORLD 2020: Inspiring experts and exceptional Keynote speeches https://textile-future.com/?p=33705

JEC announcement: Bindatex cuts latest 300kg prepreg for composites OEM https://textile-future.com/?p=33740

YUIMA NAKAZATO Presents Spring/Summer 2020 Haute Couture Collection https://textile-future.com/?p=33750


Highsnobiety to curate retail concept with Selfridges https://textile-future.com/?p=33473

Home Textiles

Half a century of excellence in home textiles https://textile-future.com/?p=33581

Inuit Collection

Canada Goose launches Bespoke Project Atigi Collection Featuring 18 Inuit Designers  https://textile-future.com/?p=33529

Industrial Strive

Industrial strife affects us all https://textile-future.com/?p=33565

Lesson learned

What happened when Walmart realised ‘good enough’ wasn’t https://textile-future.com/?p=33462

New York City

New York City Harry Potter Store might have to tame Its Design Dragons https://textile-future.com/?p=33469 


Mothercare CEO Mark Newton-Jones exits https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

Walmart shuffles executives after holiday season, chief merchant departing https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

McCormick appoints Anne Bramman to Board of Directors https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

Exponea appoints Scott McNabb as SVP and General Manager of the Americas https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

Ricoh Europe announces key appointment of Clive Stringer to meet market demand for high speed inkjet technology https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

ICAC Elects New Standing Committee Officers during 78th Plenary Meeting in Brisbane, Australia https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

Baroness Karren Brady reveals why she left Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

Ilze Juhansone appointed as the EU Commission’s new Secretary-General https://textile-future.com/?p=33510

Mariam Mahdavi becomes Legal Affairs Director of the IOC https://textile-future.com/?p=33510


Jack Wills announces 6 store closures https://textile-future.com/?p=33507


Debenhams sets new sustainability targets for the 2020s https://textile-future.com/?p=33519

The future of sustainable tourism in the framework of the EU Green Deal https://textile-future.com/?p=33523

Talking sustainability with Monforts denim customers https://textile-future.com/?p=33770

Hohenstein advances textile sustainability with microfiber analysis https://textile-future.com/?p=33783

Sustainability – innovating to meet the challenges https://textile-future.com/?p=33843

Trade War USA and China

US-China tariff battle ends with trade deal, apparel sector unhappy with deal https://textile-future.com/?p=33552

NCTO talks on Signing of Phase One Deal on 301 Tariffs https://textile-future.com/?p=335561

In Trade with China, the U.S. is missing the Point https://textile-future.com/?p=33607