ISKO joined the Berlin Fashion Week with a 360 degree approach

Neonyt, Selvedge Run, and Premium: the world’s leading denim ingredient brand plays a major role in the German capital.

The new fashion year has begun and ISKO is starting off with a presence across the board at the Berlin Fashion Week. With an agenda fully packed with advanced and responsible innovation, special projects, panels and happenings, the mill will take part in Neonyt, Selvedge Run and Premium to share its knowledge and vision.


January 14-16, 2020.

ISKO will for the first time be present at Neonyt Berlin, with a major presence throughout the event. Here, the denim mill will:

1.            launch the 7th edition of ISKO I-SKOOL™, the world’s most prestigious denim design awards;

2.            showcase its latest responsible innovation, the new R-TWO™ denim fabrics;

3.            provide its expertise during two panels – “When Denim Needs to be Reinvented” and

“Defining Sustainability” – and cohost the NEONYT PARTY.

1.            ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 launch event

Neonyt is the chosen platform for the launch of ISKO I-SKOOL™, the educational project promoted by ISKO and Creative Room™. Aiming at nurturing creativity through hands-on experience of denim’s infinite potential, it is enriched by an authoritative network of leading players making its competence and expertise available.

The new edition continues to welcome Young Professionals in the early stages of their careers and Students in their final Year of a Fashion Design BA or MA, involving talents from all over the world. This year the program goes fully responsible with a Creative Theme that asks to explore the world both locally and globally, also taking responsibility of the product life cycle: “North, East, South, West – connected by one planet”.

2.            R-TWO™: ISKO goes 100% responsible

ISKO will be at booth THO.G/A11 – Hangar 4 exhibiting the new R-TWO™ denim fabrics, a responsible mix of certified reused cotton and certified recycled polyester. These have been used to create ISKO’s Spring Summer 2021 collection, a selection of which will be displayed together with garments from the latest and innovative ISKO x Miles Johnson partnership. Inspired by the creative theme “Light on the Land”, the capsule collection perfectly demonstrates how fabrics belonging to the platform can be used to create compelling denim solutions.

In keeping with ISKO’s Responsible Innovation™ approach, this concept deals with two main issues that apparel supply chains are currently faced with: driving raw materials efficiency and waste reduction.

3.            Celebrating and sharing knowledge

The company will cohost the NEONYT PARTY as well as share its vision and expertise through two informative panels. Ebru Ozkucuk Guler, ISKO Senior Sustainability and CSR Executive, will speak on the “Denim collaborations – How to build a real value chain?” panel (January 14th, 12:15 – 1:45pm, Neonyt Fashionsustain Stage) and Rosey Cortazzi, ISKO Global Marketing Director, will take part in the discussion investigating “Global impact: when Denim Needs to be Reinvented” (January 15th, 4.00 – 5.00pm, Neonyt Prepeek Area).


January 14-16, 2020.

Selvedge Run is the must-see event of the German capital’s fashion week. This is where ISKO will present a unique collection of responsible garments featuring the innovative R-TWO™ fabrics: these are dyed using a state-of-the-art technology where usage of water has been cut to near zero, supporting its Responsible Innovation™ vision. The product has been designed by ISKO Japan in partnership with world-famous denim gurus Hara San and (Dr Denim) Honzawa San.

The ISKO booth is located in the heart of the “Selvedge Run Canteen by ISKO” in Hangar 5, Tempelhof


January 14-16, 2020.

Last but by no means least in the list of ISKO’s engagements in Berlin is the Responsible Future panel talks at Premium. These will take place in Hall 3 of Station in Berlin and, on January 15th at 2.30pm, Elena Faleschini, ISKO’s Global Field Marketing Manager, will provide insights and knowledge in the panel “Denim&Sustainability”.

ISKO’s participation in the January edition of Premium will serve as initial step for a series of major events which will see the company take center stage in the world of denim.



ISKO I-SKOOL™ is a cultural and educational project that has been fostering young talent since 2013. Promoted by the leading denim ingredient ISKO and Creative Room™, independent style research lab, the program is now entering its seventh season, confirming itself a must-have for the entire fashion and denim worlds.

Involving international Students of fashion design and Young Professionals at the early stage of their careers, it aims at nurturing creativity through hands-on experience of denim’s infinite potential, always keeping environmental and social responsibility at heart.

ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 CREATIVE THEME: “North, East, South, West – connected by one planet.”

Each year, a demanding and challenging Creative Theme asks participants to rethink their idea of denim, questioning their beliefs to commit to the development of new concepts and solutions. ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7th edition is no exception: this time around, designers will be working on their world’s citizenship, digging into their roots and approaching different cultures to define and track down the geography of the world connecting them through responsibility

“No matter where we were born or where we live, one thing remains the same:we all share this planet. Being a designer today is not only about creating beautiful things, it also means being aware of the process as a whole, from sketching to manufacturing to marketing, taking responsibility of the product life cycle. We ask that you explore the world that surrounds you both locally and globally.

This means drawing on your own origins and background and combining it with influences and ideas inspired by other cultures, style and ways of life to create your responsible denim.”

What is the challenge about?

Participants will be asked to develop a capsule collection according to their vision. This has to include two outfits, each one featuring a 5-pocket jeans to interpret their view on the “local” concept and two Denim Show Pieces to reflect their worldwide influences and topics of interest. The Denim Show Piece can be a garment or an accessory created by the designers and it can be made relying on any technique as long as it is responsible

Which schools are involved?

ISKO I-SKOOL™ 7 will keep on raising the bar by involving only the most authoritative fashion beacons worldwide

–              BIFT – Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (Beijing, China);

–              Tsinghua University – Academy of Arts and Design (Beijing, China);

–              Bunka Fashion College (Tokyo, Japan);

–              ESMOD SEOUL (Seoul, Korea);

–              Istituto Marangoni – School of Fashion, Art&Design (Milan, Italy);

–              NABA – Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti (Milan, Italy);

–              Polimoda (Florence, Italy);

–              AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute (Amsterdam, The Netherlands);

–              Aalto University – School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Helsinki, Finland);

–              NTU – Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

–              AMD – Akademie Mode&Design (Munich, Germany);

–              Parsons Paris (Paris, France);

–              FIT – Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, USA);

–              SCAD – The University for Creative Careers (Savannah and Atlanta, USA);

–              FIDM – Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (Los Angeles, USA);

Who are these edition’s partners?

ISKO I-SKOOL™ is enriched by contributions from a wide range of first-class players, such as producers, brands, business partners, artists, influencers and media. This authoritative network of leading players makes its competence and expertise available to nurture young denim talents. The project is continuously growing and it is always open to involving new business partners sharing the same approach towards tomorrow’s game changers.

For the seventh edition, partners will soon be disclosed.


What is R-TWO™?

In keeping with ISKO’s Responsible Innovation™ approach, the R-TWO™ platform deals with two main issues that apparel supply chains are currently faced with: driving raw materials efficiency and waste reduction. As a result, it features a combination of recycled and reused materials, relying specifically on a blend of reused cotton and recycled polyester.

Where does the reused cotton come from?

During the processing of raw cotton into yarn, for every 100 kilos of cotton approximately 10% is lost. ISKO collects this loss and prevents it from becoming waste, adding it back into the spinning process obtaining cotton that is fully traced, documented and audited.

This verification process has been invented by ISKO in partnership with its yarn supplier Sanko, offering full clarity into the traceability of reused cotton from field to fabric. It is also certified with the Content Claim Standard (CCS) from the audit body of the Textile Exchange.

Where does the recycled polyester come from?

The recycled polyester comes from clear plastic bottles or, alternatively, it can come from other certified waste: in either case the source material is collected, sorted, stripped of labels and caps, and cleaned. This material is then ground into plastic pellets that can then be re-spun into new fiber filaments, which are then blended with the reused cotton to create R-TWO™ fabrics.

Depending on the content percentages, for the recycled polyester ISKO can provide either the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) or Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certifications, both ofISKO, the leading ingredient brand on a global level, is the first denim producer in the world to be recognized with the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel certifications. The company has a production capacity of 300 million meters of fabric per year with 2,000 high-tech automated looms. ISKO has a global presence with offices in 35 countries, and is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textiles division of the SANKO Group. The SANKO Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the world, active in a wide range of sectors from construction and energy, to packaging, financial services, health care and education. It is also a major investor in renewable energy, including hydroelectric and wind power plants.

ISKO is a trademark of SANKO TEKSTIL. To find out more visit