Declining Swiss Exports and Imports also in November 2019

Total Swiss Exports in November 2019 declined on a broad scale. A markedly drawback was noticed for Chemical and Pharma-Exports (CHF -183 million or 1.9 %), Medical exports declined against October by CHF 312 million, whereas exports of Pharma Intermediate Products increased by CHF 282 million. Declining exports resulted for Jewellery (-7.2 %), Machines (among also Textile Machinery) and Electronics (-2.3 %) and Watches -2.9 %), cumulated the exports of the three declined by CHF 181 million.

Seasonally adjusted Swiss exports and imports

Seasonally adjusted Swiss Foreign Trade on nominal terms

Seasonally adjusted Swiss export of important categories (nominal)

Total Swiss Foreign Trade amounted to CHF 18935 million (CHF 19269 million in October) or less CHF 334 million, this is -1.7 % nominally against October, in real terms – 0.8 %.

Exports of Textiles, Clothing and Footwear declined to CHF 417 (423) million, CHF -6.0 million or nominally against October by – 1.5 % and in real terms – 0.7 %.