Indian Textile Ministry to form technical advisory cell for anti-dumping duty

The textile commissioner’s office will soon form of a technical advisory cell for the anti-dumping duty investigation regarding import of nylon filament yarn originating from countries like China, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. The advisory cell will allow a level-playing field to the industry on deciding on the anti-dumping duty.

Yarn spinners in India have been lobbying hard for imposing anti-dumping duty on all the filament yarns including nylon to Federation of Gujarat Weavers’ Welfare Association (FOGWA). China and other countries are manufacturing new yarns to meet growing demand of the consumers. Imposition of anti-dumping duty on such yarns keeps the powerloom weavers away from getting quality yarn, which ultimately leads to increased import of fabrics and garments in India.

The textile commissioner has assured to release Rupees 400 crore pending subsidy amount. Out of more than 9000 files under TUF approval, the government has given approval to only 180 files.