Rieter orders study on redeployment of the Winterthur site

Rieter’s aim is to create a modern site on a surface of 30000 m2 where Customer Centre, Product- and technology development, assembly and administration can be concentrated.

The official starting signal will be in mid-November 2017: The study will be placed among the renowned planning offices of RLC Architects, BEDE Architekts, Giuliani Hönger AG, fsp Architects and Stücheli Architects residing in the canton of Zurich, and other two from Winterthur.

The planning entities will have time up to the end of March 2018 to submit their projects. These will be presented to a jury of nine experts. The definite decision in view to a realisation of the winning project will be taken by the Rieter board during 2018.

Part of the Rieter site lay in archeologic zone. Rieter would like to grant authorities enough time to make the necessary archeologic explorations and for the rescue excavations. Therefore an early demise of work hall 40 at Klosterstrasse 18 is needed, where parts of the former monastery are in situ. The demise will probably take place during 2018.