PG Denim taking stage at Denim PV

An award-winning season innovation:

PG DENIM ends the year 2019 on the upside, with many achievements, which include reaching the US market.

Denim Première Vision London provided a showcase for the latest innovations, towards denim which is 100 % sustainable, with a fashionable touch.

The year 2019 for PG DENIM will end with the participation in Denim Première Vision – London (3-4 December), celebrating the important achievements reached and showcasing its main product innovations thanks to the tireless research by the “denim wizard”, CEO and project Founder, Paolo Gnutti.

Velvet Denim

These achievements have led the company to a substantial turnover increase by 40% in 2019, a year also ending with the official entry in the United States market in November, through important partnerships with more than 20 brand US brands. On this market the fashionable and innovative style of PG DENIM fabrics has immediately proved successful: a path completed through Paolo Gnutti’s being shortlisted among the exclusive “2019 Rivet’s Influential 50” in the “supply chain” category, a ranking which includes the most creative and ground-breaking leaders in the global denim industry.

Velvet stripes

It is exactly this award-winning creativity which continues to create a unique mix of products, made of collections with increasingly overlapping seasonality, theme micro-capsules and contaminations which result in contaminations with a high creative content and innovation rate.

“WOW Denim” – our new S/S 2021 collections and projects designed to amaze

For the upcoming S/S 2021 season, PG DENIM products have focused on the goal of being amazing, everywhere and anyway. This range is called “WOW Denim”; its creative products are aimed in particular at the world of prints and velvet effects.

Velvet Print

The printed materials are restyled through the most colourful techniques, drawing inspiration from the historical traditions of Provence fabrics, where the dominant elements are floral and inspired by nature. Also denim and velvet meet in this world, enriching each other with unique combinations including printed effects for the new range VELVET PRINT, or applied to the new lines VELVET DENIM and VELVET STRIPE. It is a range entirely produced using viscose flock, resulting in unique garments which achieve different effects depending on the washing processes.

Another outcome of the outstanding expansion on the US market are the two lines STUDIO 54 and GARAGE DENIM. STUDIO 54 is the range which explores the contaminations between cotton and vinyl, crossing the traditional boundaries of indigo fabric, even though it has remained in touch with the authentic Italian tradition. GARAGE DENIM is the line inspired by the metallised colours of cars in the 1950s and ’60s, with colour pastes glittering against very dark fabric backgrounds, creating an imperceptible painted effect. These flowing and drooping fabrics can be processed in a variety of ways, to create unexpected shapes, for a truly custom-made denim, with bright and striking proposals.

Another “specialty”, created on purpose for the occasion, are the new uniforms for the Denim Première Vision London team of hostesses, designed and produced by PG DENIM itself, in partnership with the brand Peppinoepeppino, and the unique expertise of Alessio Berto, aka The Tailor Pattern Support.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed: even in denim

“In a chemical reaction nothing is created, nothing is destroyed”. This is essentially what the law on the conversion of mass by the French chemist and naturalist Antoine Lavoisier says. It is one of the driving tenets behind the research at PG, for a denim which, also in the choice of materials and processes, is meant to become increasingly green, with the ultimate goal of having a product 100% sustainable product, always paying attention to trends and to the most fashionable side.

Velvet print

PG DENIM strictly follows the international standards Dtox, Reach and Gots in all its processing phases; moreover, use is made of the BCI and Organic Cotton Standards for raw materials. The company has also recently been awarded the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.

This is the underlying concept of the recently implemented major process innovations as regards both environmental impact and recycling of production waste.

Velvet Denim

More specifically, as regards dyeing fabrics with reaction and sulphur-based processes, PG DENIM has designed a system which reduces the amount of chemicals used by 40 %, water requirement by 50 %, and CO2 emissions by 60 %, leading to better penetration levels and outcomes in the crocking process.

Moreover, PG DENIM is one of the very few companies on the market which can offer a range of items made using over 60 % recycled material in total (with the average usually being no more than 35 %). As part of this procedure, most of the waste from the process and after use is recycled, creating a range of items with cotton obtained from the regeneration of these two types of waste.

Born from the vision Paolo Gnutti who, after a long experience as R&D Head in the world of indigo fabrics, created the PG DENIM project. Thanks to its totally integrated supply chain, PG DENIM can offer amazing 100% Made In Italy fabrics, following the trend of fashion contaminations. Its unique service is driven by constant research, aimed at offering the market cool and alternative products, exploring the trends and fashions which are expected to shape the future. Designing new worlds and fabrics, being aware that denim can go anywhere, and be present in all forms, from the most innovative to institutional and classic collections: this is the PG motto. Clients the likes of Diesel, Closed, Chanel and Louis-Vuitton have chosen the quality fabric manufactured by PG DENIM.