The Shanghai Fair continues to thrive as the much-awaited year-end jewellery event in Eastern China

The fair, officially known as China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair, organised by Informa Markets, will debut its new name “Jewellery Seasons China” when it opened on November 28, 2019 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre.

The new appellation for the city’s premiere jewellery event dovetails with its stronger focus on jewellery, fashion and art–three varied disciplines that share a common appreciation for beauty.

Jewellery Seasons China 2019

Their integration into one crossover event is spot-on for today’s lifestyle. Brands and independent designers will nail down the shifting tastes and spending habits of the new generation, with jewellery, clothing, handbags, leather, cosmetics, home furnishings, and artworks as their medium.

Nearly 300 exhibiting companies from 17 countries and regions will showcase their work to roughly 10000 buyers from 36 countries and regions. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to bring more high-calibre brands and products from around the world to the Chinese market, and vice-versa,” says Mr Teddy Tan, Event Director – China Jewellery Fairs, Informa Markets.

Designer incubator

The participation of established and up-and-coming jewellery designers, reaching 70 at the last count, will highlight the event.  Many will pay homage to tradition but with a modern twist, while others will bring to the forefront their individuality, where every creation is an original work like no other. Equally important, they will offer early indicators for jewellery trends into 2020.

Jewellery Seasons China 2019 – A showecased item (all captions courtesy by the exhibition organisers)

Indeed, Jewellery Seasons China has taken upon itself the role of jewellery designer incubator, which Mr Tan considers “a responsibility but also a privilege for us as event organiser.” He noted that many of the designers to be featured have earned accolades for their works or have learned their craft in esteemed design schools worldwide.

“We’re really lucky because we have more than 30 years of history of working with the global jewellery industry so designers are eager to work with us and make our events their platform,” he adds.

A strong contingent of international exhibitors, among them groups from Korea and Sri Lanka will inject energy into the event by bringing their own brand of craftsmanship. 

Lab-grown diamonds: Affordable luxury

Lab-grown diamonds, once relegated to the sidelines, are taking their rightful place in the spotlight at Jewellery Seasons China. As brilliant as their mined diamond counterparts, these gems made in laboratories are an everyday luxury everyone can afford. Their availability in various ranges opens up limitless opportunities for marketable jewellery to the trade, at the same time fulfilling the diamond lover’s dream without breaking the bank. 

Jewellery Seasons China 2019 – Workshop presentation

The wide range of prices, colours and clarities has opened to manufacturers, retailers and designers heretofore unthinkable potential in creating diamond jewellery with popular price points. When left in the experienced hands of master cutters, they attain maximum brilliance and exceptional fire that works well with any precious metal.

8 lab-diamond manufacturers and suppliers have signed up for the event.

4928 Oriental Aesthetics Space

Recognising the need to slow down amidst the trade fair’s hectic pace, Jewellery Seasons China will unveil at this edition a 441-sqm “sanctuary” where participants can unwind and recharge while admiring various art forms in Chinese traditional culture.

The hall, dubbed 4928 Oriental Aesthetics Space, will feature artisans and their specialties, to name a few: veteran tea farmer Yu Ting Chen, who will perform a tea ceremony; the works of Chinese fashion designer Sun Xuefei, known for her unique creations combining embroidery with ink painting; and the Chinese art of jewellery making called Dian Cui, where traditional metal workmanship is combined with feather crafts.

Visitors/Buyers at Jewellery Seasons China 2019

“People could come here to collect their thoughts, slow down, enjoy a cup of tea, admire paintings and calligraphy, and appreciate the beauty of antiques, in the confines of a beautifully designed space,” said Mr Tan.

Digital marketing

Jewellery Seasons China is collaborating with leading Chinese apps Meituan Dianping and Douyin in a marketing campaign using apps before and during the event. Meituan Dianping is a leading player in multi-channel marketing popular with millions of Chinese consumers looking for a seamless shopping experience. Douyin, a short video app known internationally as TikTok, is a platform that allows users to create video clips between seconds to minutes long.

The two digital behemoths will set off an online interactive marketing a hashtag challenge called “Shining to Black,” during the event to inspire user engagement and shine the light on the products and brand stories of exhibitors at Jewellery Seasons China.

“The popularity of these apps among millions of Chinese makes this partnership an easy choice.  Our exhibitors can engage users and increase awareness of their products and brands in a fun and interactive way,” said Mr Tan.

Learning & Networking Opportunities

A series of knowledge seminars will provide insight-provoking discussions on industry innovations, market trends and the future of the jewellery industry at large.

Swarovski, the name synonymous precision cutting technology, will offer insight into its latest brand of synthetic diamond, its journey to lead the industry development of ultra-high technology, and inspiring new interpretations for this emerging gemstone.

Other experts will share their knowledge in a segment called Content First to help businesses communicate with their target markets. Themes include communication strategies to translate into new prospects and increased revenue, and professional online business marketing topics.

“Market intelligence that our participants will find useful in creating new business opportunities are for the taking. Our participants have always looked forward to these sessions,” adds Mr Tan.

Jewellery Seasons China was held from November 28 – December 1, 2019 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre.

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