New European Brand Institute Report finds US-Tech Brand Corporations are most valuable

•             Apple remains the most vaulable brand worldwide, with Google in second and Amazon third

•             Europe’s LVMH Group ranks 6th worldwide

•             China’s Alibaba enters the Top 10 for the first time

According to European Brand Institute GLOBAL TOP 100 Brand Corporations Ranking, Apple remains the world’s most valuable brand corporation at EUR 163.24 billion (+6.5 %), followed by Google EUR 138.78 billion (+16,4 %) and Amazon EUR 111.42 billion (+36.6 %). Online-Retailer on the rise: Amazon in third place, displaced Microsoft and Alibaba (+19.4 %/EUR 53,73 billion) first time in the TOP 10.

French LVMH Group remains Europe’s most valuable brand corporation, representing brand values of EUR 75.96 billion (+7.3 %/global rank 6), followed by Swiss No.1 Nestlé EUR 39.05 billion (+2.2 %/global rank 19) and Belgian AB InBev EUR 38.15 billion (-8.9 %/global rank 20). Germany’s leading brand corporation Deutsche Telekom worth EUR 25.48 billion (+0.5 %/global rank 38) overtakes Volkswagen Group at EUR 24.57 billion (-3.2 %/global rank 44). Austria’s Red Bull (EUR 13.19 billion /+0,9 %) holds global rank 95.

Gerhard Hrebicek, President European Brand Institute: “GLOBAL TOP 100 show a brand value increase of +5.7 %. Retail (+18.3 %), IT & Technology (+10.9 %) and Luxury (+2.5 %) segments show above-average growth. German automotive and industrial segments are shrinking, while China is seeing brand value growth across all segments.

US brand corporations are dominating with 47 (0) amongst TOP 100 representing a value share of 58.50 %, Europe represents 33 (-1) (value share 24.1 %) with French leading, whilst Asia catches up with 19 (+1) (value share 16.9 %).

The GLOBAL TOP 100 BRAND CORPORATIONS RANKING by European Brand Institute – Europe’s independent brand & patent valuation and strategy experts, examined more than 3000 brand corporations and their brands in 16 industries, according to the latest ISO valuation standards ISO20671 with comparisons of Europe, America and Asia.