DyStar exhibits Innovations at Performance Days in Munich, Germany

DyStar, a leading specialty chemical company with a heritage of more than a century in product development and innovation is pleased to invite you to meet us at DyStar’s Booth H11 of Hall C1, Performance Days Performance Days at Munich from November 13-14, 2019.

Bernhard Knoche, Global Head of Brand & Retailer Management said, “This is our second time at the event, and we are elated to have five of our new developments chosen by the Jury of PERFORMANCE FORUM to be displayed on the Wall Special. Learn and find out how DyStar’s products can help you shape a more sustainable manufacturing journey with us.”

Manufacturers, Brands and Retailers will see intangible benefits from the five winning concepts featured on the Wall Special, namely DyStar CADIRA® Reactive, DYCON® HF on TENOWA® 1, DYCON HF on TENOWA 12, DYCON HF on TEXLENE®, DYCON HF on CERAMICA® GREEN.

DyStar’s Cadira Reactive is a resource saving module which was first launched in 2016. The Cadira concept supports in reduction of water, waste, and energy consumption. And as another sustainable solution offering the DYCON HF series, being the most cost efficient and resource saving continuous process for cellulosics and blends with PES, PA and PU fibres.

The two-day trade fair for the functional fabrics industry highlights a wide range of solutions for Manufacturers, Brands and Retailers globally. At DyStar’s booth, we welcome you to discuss opportunities for collaborations that will help to make the industry cleaner.