AFTER WORK STUDIO wins Swiss Fashion Design Prize Edition 2019-20

In a two-phase procedure, the projects submitted are nominated by acknowledged specialists for consideration by the jury. All decisions are taken by the independent jury.

Any forms of expression that have relevance for design may be submitted. The common mandatory criteria that apply to all disciplines are as follows:

  • Design quality
  • Innovative content
  • Aesthetic consistency
  • Social relevance
  • Innovative vision
  • Economic importance
  • Market conformity
  • Sustainability

The AFTER WORK STUDIO label was founded by the fashion designer Karin Wüthrich and the graphic designer Matthias Fürst in 2015 immediately after they finished the Master’s course in fashion design they completed together at HGK Basel under the name WUETHRICHFUERST. The label already received a great response as a result of the Master’s collection, which has since increased further at national and international level and has made the designer duo into a firm component of the Swiss fashion landscape within a short space of time. The design vocabulary of the brand has developed during the three years of experimental volume combined with adventurous surfaces to a contrast between sportiness and feminine elegance. After Work Studio always places great importance on longevity and functionality with its designs, without losing sight of the aspect of high fashion. The self-image of the brand also includes a focus on fair working and manufacturing conditions – the production sites are located in Switzerland or in neighbouring countries – and on ecologically responsibly produced materials.

Comments of the nominators

The young label AFTER WORK STUDIO is one of the hopes of the Swiss fashion scene. The designs bear witness to a completely independent formal approach and remarkable design maturity. It’s therefore not surprising that the very contemporary and wearable fashion by this designer duo has already also found international approval – for example in London or Seoul.

Comments of the jury

The collections from After Work Studio display an excellent understanding of the body and a confident grasp of proportions and volumes. The work by the designer duo is flanked by strong, contemporary communication, which has reverberated around the public attention for the label. After Work Studio stands credibly for a genuine fashion vision and great dedication to its implementation. The jury recognises a substantial potential for success in the young label and regards the award as motivation for the designers to continue to pursue the path they have chosen.