New, never before, Socks In Exact Sizes

The new DTC socks brand, KANE 11 has launched its first ever women’s collection available exclusively via

KANE 11, one of the fastest growing sock companies, has revolutionized the men’s market by offering socks in eleven different sizes — 7 thru 17.  Men have discovered the added comfort and performance of precise sizing. Now the company is bringing perfect fit to women’s socks.

Meadow (USD 16.50) and Madison (USD 17.50) are both Merino socks. Laylos (USD 10.50) are cotton. More styles coming in late November. All socks available in seven sizes 6-12. No more size ranges, S∙M∙L, or one-size-fits-all… if you’re a size 7 shoe, you can wear size 7 socks with KANE 11 — THE PERFECT FIT!

“From the start women came to our site asking for KANE 11 socks for women,” said Tom Kallish founder.  “Our sizing system required rigorous testing and development, so much so we’ve applied for patent protection with the USPTO.  There is a fit revolution going on in every part of the apparel space and we are uniquely in the heart of it.”

The women’s socks include ankle and quarter heights as well as a version of KANE 11’s popular men’s no-show socks called Laylos.  All socks will come in seven sizes — 6 thru 12.  If you’re a size 8 shoe, you can match them with size 8 socks.  “Performance and comfort begin with fit,” says co-founder Peter Hunsinger, “that’s our success, no other company is doing this.”

The Meadow and Madison styles are constructed primarily of merino wool, nature’s optimal performance fiber, which wicks moisture swiftly and controls foot temperature.  Merino wool is the smoothest of all wool fibers so it is super soft to the touch and still very durable.  These socks have full-foot terry loop cushioning, arch support and flat seam toe. 

“The perfect fit of KANE 11 combined with wicking benefits, softness and cushioning creates the ultimate in performance and comfort,” Hunsinger proclaims.  “KANE 11 women’s socks are perfect to wear with sneakers, trainers, tie-shoes, flats and boots of all heights.”

All women’s and men’s socks are available at 

The Collection – Women’s KANE 11 Socks

Laylo   No-Show – Cotton… $10.50/pair (4 colors))

Meadow   Ankle Height — Merino Wool… $ 16.50/pair (4 colors)

Madison   Quarter Height — Merino Wool… $17.50/pair (4 colors)

View the KANE 11 Women’s: