NIKIN becomes the Swiss clothing Brand of the year 2019-20

The highest score value for price-performance in the category clothing goes to NIKIN

The sustainable Swiss Streetwear Brand Nikin, domiciled in Lenzburg, canton of Aargau (CH) was bestowed. The start-up, planning with each product a tree, received the hightest score value in the Categorie price-performance (7.24), thus allowing that NIKIN, a frontrunner for sustainable fashion will present itself with the seal “Swiss Brand of the year 2019-20”.

Swiss brands enjoy a high reputation. “Swiss made” is recognised globally as a quality feature. However the competition by foreign brands or house brands is fierce.

Only labels facing their performance on the long run can exist for a long time. How satisfied Swiss are with “their”labels was researched through a consumer survey for the first time ever by the independent Swiss Institute for Quality Tests (SIQT).

NIKIN tops competitor Mammut

The survey among 3000 Swiss consumers wanted to have an opinion on over 350 brands from 23 segments. In the category “clothing” NINKIN was accorded the highest score value in the category “price-performance) – this means also the highest scores of all winners in different categories, including competitor Mammut (6.82). Thus NIKIN is facing up to its performance promise to its customers. NIKIN ranks among fair and sustainable fashion. Practicually no other sustainable label in Europe is offering fair fashion and manufactured at democratic price levels. Each sale is crowned with a tree planted. The brand monitor customer satisfaction 2019-20 from SIQT confirms that consumers do like this aspect at NIKIN.

The founders of NIKIN, Nicholas Hänny (left) and Robin Gnehm are very proud of the pric bestowed. “We are enforced in the aim to enhance the theme around payable sustainable fashion and to distinctly show that fair fashion, everybody can buy, is possible. We would like to inspire and encourage further brands to do alike.”

A total 25 reputed clothing brands were rated. NIKIN received also in view to customer satisfaction a weighed middle value of 7.83, an excellent value, thus NIKIN is among the best 10 rated outdoor brands, such as Mammut, Sherpa or Alprausch.