RFID Tag Webinar

In 2018, the EOG, the European Outdoor Group, was given the opportunity to join a research project run by the Swedish research organisation RISE. After initial research that evaluated the possibilities and potential effectiveness of using RFID tags in garments, it was established, that there were a number of areas where the technology could deliver major opportunities, most particularly in sustainability. The EOG is therefore delighted to be part of this next phase of research to build knowledge and competence in this exciting technology.

The use of digital information carriers integrated into garments has the potential to greatly increase future traceability throughout the supply chain, but also to facilitate subsequent processes and lay the foundation for circularity – which information is necessary and why? A system based on RFID-tags, with multiple functionalities responding to the needs of different actors in the textile value chain is a key enabler in the future vision of a circular economy. 

 The EOG would therefore like to invite you to a webinar with RISE on the subject of RFID tag technology. In this webinar, we will dig a little deeper into areas such as chemical use in the textile value chain and chemical profiles of recycled materials, recycling technologies under development and the potential of digital information carriers. In addition – existing and upcoming legislation and how it can drive development. The webinar will give insights into ongoing activities as well as coming initiatives on European level. 
Webinar dates
We will be holding two webinars to accommodate for time zones.
Monday the 4th of November 17.00-18.30CET
Wednesday 6th of November 09.00-10.30CET

Please register using the links above and access details will be sent in a confirmation email

We very much hope you can join us.