Nonwoven geotextile produced with Fare’ Spunbond line approved by China’s official quality certification

The first nonwoven geotextile CRCC certificate has been released by China authorities for PP based spunbond line.

CRCC Certification is mandatory for the export, sales and/or usage of railway products in the Chinese market. The governing authority for this certification is the China Railway Test & Certification Centre (CRCC), formerly known as China Railway Product Certification Center.

The spunbond line has been supplied by the Italian company Farè ( confirming its top position in the construction of lines (spunbond and staple fiber) for the geotextile applications.

Different kinds of spunbonds produced by the line have passed the certification at once granting the leading position of Farè client in China.

This spunbond is recognized to be the new standard for the PP nonwovens geotextile in China.

The products from 100 to 1000 gsm have isotropic characteristics and tensile properties much higher than the former nonwoven utilised .

FARE’ SpA has installed all the innovations finalised to reduce the production costs with energy savings and efficiency improvements which are extremely important for an economical and profitable installation today.

Thanks to its new installation, Spanish FARE’ SpA has strengthened the leadership position for the construction and supply of spunbond lines dedicated for high tenacity geotextile and other nonwoven applications.