Measuring sustainability – GENESIS – M&J Group sets new standards in garment manufacturing

A selected supply chain combined with big data model to shape a controlled eco-innovative change, for Bangladesh and the entire sector.

The Kingpins Show Amsterdam (October 23-24, 2019) is once again the chosen setting for GENESIS:M&J Group to present its highly innovative proposals and latest advancements in the world of garment manufacturing.  The strategy behind the new approach of the Group’s leading facility is based on three main pillars: an accurate supply-chain selection, unique sustainable data control with START TO MEASURE™ system improved, and the development of safer work conditions and processes.

Confirming its prestigious partnerships with brands like Diesel, G-Star Raw, Jack & Jones, C&A and Celio, among many others, GENESIS brings on the stage of the world-renowned denim exhibition its vision to drive positive change in the sector. In the ever-changing denim and apparel scenario the company’s strategy aims at leading a forefront approach in major garment manufacturing, relying on high-quality standards and unprecedent technological innovation. The goal is not only to consolidate penetration in European markets, but also to provide an alternative model to fast-fashion standards.

Supply chain selection meets START TO MEASURE™ to provide unique insights to each customer

GENESIS facility carefully selects its partners from top innovative machine and chemical suppliers, to shape a sustainable yet highly controlled manufacturing process. All machinery and chemicals consumption are now closely connected with the company’s revolutionary  multi-measurement   system  START  TO  MEASURE™. This means that every customer can request a detail report on water, gas, steam, electricity and chemicals consumption. Moreover, START TO MEASURE ™ system generates a unique QR Code, directly linked to the data chart providing the authentic insights from each single machine, in a closed and fully integrated chain that not even the operator can modify.

But that’s not all. In fact, all data are highly customizable according to time spans, in a report similar to the ones provided by contemporary web analytics tools or social media platforms. The aim is to adopt the big data approach to shape a new way of doing things in garment manufacturing, providing certifiable statistics and numbers to prospect improvements while establishing new criteria on transparency and traceability.

Improving work conditions while saving resources

Another pillar of GENESIS action-strategy is represented by the constant effort to improve work conditions, achieving safer procedures and processes. One of the latest updates is represented by the automatic dosing system for chemical usage; as a result, 90% of the time workers do not come directly into contact with chemicals. To stay at the forefront of garment washings the company also recently adopted a new washing process that allows to recycle the 50% of treated effluent from WWTP /ETP (Wastewater Treatment Plant). This sets a new standard in GENESIS facility, that is able to recycle the treated effluent directly in the garment washing process, thereby reducing fresh water requirements by 50%. An improvement achieving multiple goals: reducing costs, saving water and keeping the garment price the same. The main long-term objective of the company remains    to reach a “near zero” input of fresh water in the process. This contributes to the best managing of this precious resource, given the recent problems the whole Bangladesh industry has been experiencing on this issue.

The result is the new s/s 2021 collection: more sustainable than ever

The improvements achieved by GENESIS are enhanced in the s/s 2021 collection presented at the Kingpins Show Amsterdam, with new trends involving eco-conscious fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled fabric and polymer, realizing blends with natural fibers like hemp & linen while working also with a wide variety of biodegradable materials.

Technical fibres are also on the spotlight with an increasing importance gained by proofed lightweights such as waterproof. Moods like hyper blue, natural cotton colours, flat bright indigo mid shades or urban grey and reactive layers dominates the feeling of the new collection. In terms of looks and treatments the collection has developed several unique interpretations such as engineered garments, digital laser patterns, wester silhouettes, workwear, soft dyes, contemporary stripes, dirty green cast and eco-acid wash. A kaleidoscopic collection where technology and tradition meet one unique big trend: more sustainable than ever.

GENESIS:M&J GROUP is one the most reliable garment manufacturing in the denim and apparel market, being amongst the biggest apparel manufacturers of Bangladesh. Providing high quality garments and top sustainable innovations to the leading fashion brands in the European, USA, Asian and Russian markets, like Diesel, G-Star, Jack & Jones, C&A, Celio and Zara, Target USA, VF ( Kontoor ) and Gap, Jack & Jones China, Selected China and GU Japan, Target Australia and O’stin. GENESIS It is one of the 8 sister concerns of M&J Group that secured LEED certifications for its facilities (GENESIS WASHING LTD ( LEED Platinum ) – August 2013 | GESESIS FASHIONS LTD ( LEED Platinum ) – Sep 2016 | GENESIS WASHING LTD ( LEED Earth ) – June 2019. The facilities provides service of various treatments for jeans production & always being committed to improve efficiency and sustainability of the production processes, employing the latest technologies.