Goodbaby launched New Products Designed by Dutch Illustrator Rick Berkelmans in Celebration of its 30th Anniversary

On October 16, Goodbaby Group celebrated its 30th anniversary and launched new products designed by Dutch illustrator Rick Berkelmans at China Kid Expo in Shanghai.

The new products are part of the company’s new strategy, building a business ecosystem that meets the requirements of a new generation of customers and provides more opportunities for business partners.

At this year’s expo, the form of Goodbaby’s exhibition display is brand-new by setting different themes and scenarios, catering for young customers’ needs. This new form of display also reveals changes in Goodbaby’s business strategy. It has shifted focus in four ways: from being brand-centered to customer-centered, from being resource-oriented to ability-oriented, from operating a supply chain to operating a platform, and, last but the most important, from creating value of product to creating value for society

While talking about the collaboration with Rick Berkelmans, CEO Jiang Rongfen, explained that, in order to attract millennials, Goodbaby aims to reshape its original brand image. Hence, Goodbaby established a creative platform to gather worldwide professional designers in order to make the brand image more fashionable and youthful as well as build the new luxurious product line.

In line with the creative platform, Goodbaby also announced a strategic collaboration with Istituto Marangoni, the most famous fashion and design school in Italy in August.

Cross-over products of Goodbaby, collaborating with Dutch artist, Rick Berkelmans

Apart from the above measures, Goodbaby also introduced the new-version retail store. The new store will mix a number of fresh elements, such as VR.

According to Jiang, Goodbaby will open the new-version retail store in Shanghai Qibao Vanke shopping mall. In this store, Goodbaby will cooperate with a Japanese partner, YanJiYou, mixing cultural elements with their own products to bring a fresh shopping experience for young parents.

The exhibition area of Goodbaby

Song Zhenghuan, the Chairman of Goodbaby Group, emphasized that the most important achievement of GoodBaby in the past 30 years is that it has become a global brand. In the next 30 years, Goodbaby will focus on building a business ecosystem and permeating into different commercial fields, including goods, services, social life, medical, education, sports as well as entertainment. This ecosystem could meet a wider range of customers’ requirements. Furthermore, Goodbaby will sustainably provide abundant resources and support for different suppliers as well as business partners