New Linkage of London and Silk Road, New Cooperation between Beijing and Suzhou

The Belt and Road Initiative – City Design Week in London was held from the September 25 to October 6th in 2019, aiming to promote the international culture and tourism cooperation among BRI cities. Directed by the Department of Industrial Development, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the PRC and sponsored by Beijing Design Week Co. Limited., the event, in London Fashion and Textile Museum, is greatly attractive to locals.

Carina Lau (actress), ambassador of SDW, participating activities in London (caption courtesy by Suzhou Design Week)

In the period, Beijing Design Week, coupled with Suzhou Design Week and the Museum, jointly organized various activities, including “Encounters with Oriental History”, “China Grand Canal & Across Chinese City / Biennale of Venice 2020”, the London release of “Creative Protection of the Grand Canal” and so on. Carina Lau, the ambassador of SDW and international renowned artist, and the charity ambassador and young actor Chen Xuedong went to London to participate in pertinent activities.

Chen Xuedong (actor), ambassador of “Creative Protection of the Grand Canal Charity”, participating activities in London. (PRNewsfoto/Suzhou Design Week)

Lau said she was delighted to take part in the event on behalf of Suzhou. London, her favorite European city, is also the host city of 2019 Suzhou Design Week. By means of the cooperation with the Fashion and Textile Museum, the fashion industry and design training in Suzhou will have a great leap in design strength.

The London release of the action is also a highlight. It is the important composition of the annual theme “China Grand Canal” of China Pavilion. As the first charity ambassador, actor Chen reckoned nowadays young Chinese should learn to protect the ecological and cultural environment with creativity, making the Canal a Chinese model of sustainable development of World Cultural Heritage.

As the urban linkage project, Suzhou Design Week is invited to attend the series of “Cultural Going Out” projects. In this London event, Beijing and Suzhou, with main line of “City Design Week”, the breakthrough point of “Cultural Design”, illuminated the international cooperation of BRI.