ECO Sustainability on the Catwalks and other News from Fulgar

Daniele Niboli Chooses Q-NOVA® BY FULGAR for his SS2020 COLLECTION

A Spanish feel and green soul. The Italian designer’s looks are completed by new-concept stockings and tights, all made using recycled yarn by Fulgar

A creation by Daniele Niboli

Innovative green fabrics are playing an ever-greater role in the runway shows. A commitment to sustainability is now a must for fashion designers and brands.

Fulgar, international leader in the production of new-concept man-made fibres once again has a significant presence on the catwalks with its innovative fabrics made using its eco-friendly fibres, and Daniele Niboli has chosen its yarns for his new SS 2020 collection. 

Eclectic garments that celebrate the evocative atmosphere of southern Spain, a mix of fabrics and combinations that pay tribute to sustainability in a perfect balance of creativity and quality. These key values have shaped the development of a collection for which Niboli has chosen Fulgar among others as a partner to provide exclusive, sustainable Made in Italy products.

A Conscious choice – Made inItaly, inspired by Spain

This encounter with Fulgar and the brand’s green portfolio has led to the development of some of the fabrics made with innovative fibres recovered from low environmental impact yarns like the ultralight black Jersey made with Q-NOVA® by Fulgar recycled yarn and used in the production of stockings and tights with devore satin pattern.

Q-NOVA® is an environmentally-sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre obtained exclusively from regenerated raw materials and which meets given traceability requirements.

Q-NOVA® is the eco-friendly fibre by Fulgar that makes the company’s production processes possible because it is obtained from regenerated raw materials through a mechanical, not chemical, process.

This innovative yarn has already obtained a series of green certifications, including Global Recycled Standard and Ecolabel EU. It is now also listed on the HIGG INDEX, which was developed by the SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition) to assess the environmental impact of a garment’s entire lifecycle.

The RACHEL Brand chooses Fulgar for two innovative, eco-friendly tights styles

Designed in Montreal. Made in Italy. Sustainable Hosiery. 

Canadian brand Rachel launches two tights styles for the North American market, made using the innovative Q-NOVA® by Fulgar fibre. 

The tights of the future have a green soul. Feminine and elegant, they bear the name Rachel, a Canadian brand boasting thousands of North American customers, and are made using Q-NOVA® fibre by Fulgar, an Italian centre of excellence in the production of innovative, sustainable man-made fibres.

Created by Carolyne and Mélanie, Rachel is for all women who want to feel beautiful, comfortable and feminine every day, with an accessible and essential wardrobe accessory. But that’s not all – the Canadian brand’s philosophy combines style and elegance with the value and importance of sustainability. Its entire tights collection featuring printed tights, colourful tights and more, are produced in Italy in factories that respect environmental and ethical work standards. The company’s encounter with Q-NOVA® by Fulgar, the innovative fibre made using regenerated raw materials, has resulted in two eco-friendly tights styles that are bound to become a modern must-have.

This month, it launched the first release from its new eco tights collection featuring its classic Polka Dot Tight and bestselling Over-the-Knee Tights, taking on step forward for sustainability, as the first Canadian hosiery brand to add green products to its offer. It’s an important initiative, for which the brand chose the cutting-edge recycled yarn by Fulgar, a world-leading company at the forefront of Italy’s hosiery sector. Fulgar’s philosophy is based on developing new-concept man-made fibres, and the company has a long-standing commitment to research and innovation in its drive for sustainability.

Innovation meets eco-sustainability – Flugar’s green portfolio impresses the Paris Fair

  • Innovation in harmony with nature. More and more collections featuring green yarns by Fulgar are to be presented at the Première Vision fair.
  • A centre of Made in Italy excellence and international leader in the international textile industry in the manufacture of innovative in the man-made, eco-sustainable textiles, Fulgar is at the forefront at Première Vision with its exclusive portfolio. 
  • Fulgar offers a new way of producing yarns, with a perfect synthesis of performance and environmental awareness that pushes the boundaries of sustainability.

EVO® by Fulgar is the innovative, organic-origin DIN CERTCO certified yarn. It is made from castor oil, a renewable resource that does not require large amounts of water or take up land that can be used for growing food crops.

EVO® is ultra-light, super stretch and highly breathable. It is also quick-drying, non-iron and offers natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties. These features give it exceptional versatility, a perfect solution for the clothing industry. Its most distinctive benefits also provide maximum comfort, unique performance and respect for nature.

EVO® by Fulgar is a yarn made from castor oil – not for feeding plant that grows spontaneously. A totally renewable resource that does not require high amounts of water nor subtracts arable land for food uses.

The biomass source is castor bean, Ricinus Communis. The monomers used in the polymerization are partially or completely sourced from castor oil.

A video on the product can be had by clicking on the link below