“ECOlifestyle” Pioneer Marci Zaroff Launches GOTS Certified Organic Farm to Home® Luxury Lifestyle Brand on QVC®

The Modern Home Collection Features Affordable and GOTS Certified as Sustainable Agriculture Collection Designed for Everyone as Demand for Organic Products Increases

Internationally acclaimed “ECOlifestyle” visionary, entrepreneur and author Marci Zaroff is proud to announce the launch of her new GOTS certified organic cotton, luxury lifestyle brand Farm to Home®, which debuts this week on QVC. Consumers worldwide are demanding more transparency from the brands they buy and support—including food, beauty, clothing and home textiles.

From fibre to finished product, Farm to Home is fully transparent and adheres to the high level of organic certification from the notable Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The modern home collection is GOTS certified as no harmful chemicals while offering superb quality, GOTS certified as sustainable agriculture and affordability.

“Farm to Home fuses modern design with high-quality and a commitment to organic products. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to #dwellorganically, which is why our mission is to democratize organic home goods, offering authenticity, accessibility and affordability,” says Marci Zaroff, Founder and CEO of Farm to Home. “I am overjoyed with the opportunity to work with QVC, as it provides an easy way for consumers to purchase a luxurious organic bed and bath collection at great prices.”

The Farm to Home collection launch includes:

•             Sweet Dreams Organic Sheet Sets

•             Organic Reversible Quilted Comfy-lets & Shams

•             Cloudsoft Organic Bath Towel Sets

•             Ultra Cozy Organic Throws

•             Soul Decorative Pillow Sets

•             Heavenly Hooded Organic Robes

Tune In: Farm to Home on QVC

Consumers can learn more about Marci Zaroff’s inspiration behind her GOTS certified as sustainable agriculture and certified organic cotton Farm to Home bed and bath collection on QVC, 11:00 am – Noon EST, Thursday, September 26

Marcy Zaroff

An internationally recognised ECOlifestyle pioneer, educator, innovator, serial entrepreneur and expert, Marci Zaroff creates businesses that change the world. She is the Founder and CEO of ECOfashion Corp, which includes Farm to Home and MetaWear, and is Co-founder and Chairwoman of BeyondBrands. For three decades, Marci has shifted paradigms from food to beauty to fashion—driving global authenticity, environmental leadership, and social justice. She has received many industry awards, produced a documentary film series, and recently published her first book “ECOrenaissance: Co-creating a Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World” (Simon & Schuster).

Farm to Home is the premier home lifestyle brand that democratizes organic textile products and is committed to elevating everyone along its supply chain—from the farmers and workers who grow our fibres and sew our fabrics to the individuals that adore our certified organic cotton bedding & bath products.

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