From tradition to new trends, to express the contemporary essence of shirt fabrics -Canclini 1925 launches the new F/W 2020-21 collection

Unique and essential concepts, plus an exclusive archive, are the focus of the lines for the new season introduced at Première Vision Paris.

Stylish and ground-breaking, the new Canclini 1925 starts from cotton fabric development and goes further, to the point of interpreting the essence of a pathway which leads into unexplored territories in the new F/W 2020-21 collection. The Première Vision exhibition (Paris, September 17-19) thus become a stage to launch the innovation of the leading Italian company in shirt fabric manufacturing. A journey between tradition and renewal, substantiated in an offer characterised by a specific style footprint which is translated into countless versions, a result of the creative and technical research by the Style Office, grasping and interpreting modern-day suggestions, at the same time drawing from its large historical archive. The Canclini 1925 product lines are thus continuously restyled,  at the same time being still strongly focused on continuing products, whose minimum common denominator is high quality, also guaranteed by their numerous certifications.

The new F/W 2020-21 collection: cotton and more

For the new F/W 2020-21 collection Canclini 1925 presents proposals which go beyond traditional cotton items, although the latter are still the products most appreciated by customers. The novelties in this season also tend towards unexpected suggestions, mixing cotton fibre with more valuable ones, for example silk, cashmere or wool. Our research starts from the past, from the memory brought back by the valuable Canclini historical archive, with references to iconic cotton and polyester products of the 1970s which have provided the main inspiration to offer a fabric with a technical core but a vintage flavour.

This line also includes cutting-edge items made of high performance man-made fibres, perfect for a restyled shirt, with a traditional look and – at the same time – offering unique technical performances. The new range, once again, includes the “Traveller” fabrics from the “Easy Life” package, ideal to accompany modern-day men in their daily journey, without ever creasing.

Also much attention has been paid to yarns from regenerated cotton, wool or PET. This approach, related to reuse and regeneration, has always been part of Canclini 1925’s DNA, for a production which is increasingly sustainable and mindful of the environment on our planet, aiming at a true circular economy.

From the point of view of look, informal graphics are suggested, both in yarn-dyed products and in Jacquard   or prints, meeting consumer requirements, which veer towards a stylish and casual look. The colour card includes versions with autumn tones combined with more intense and full touches; contemporary shirts thus become a true accessory garment, a protagonist which adds a distinctive character to the navy blue, camel or grey silhouettes which have always been part of male fashion.

I Continuativi: countless variations for immediate delivery

With more than 1,000 versions available, the Canclini 1925 line called “I Continuativi” offers a permanent collection of fixtures available in stock, for all clients who need immediate delivery. They are fabric made with single compact yarns and long-fibre twisted yarns, using pure Egyptian cotton and linen, subject to stringent checks starting from the selected raw material. In these product lines a careful yarn selection is a fundamental prerequisite, which allows for luxury and valuable textile manufacturing. The resulting fabrics have an inimitable natural brightness, extraordinary softness to the touch and outstanding wear resistance. A truly unique range in terms of quality and variety.

Mauro Canclini, Style Director of Canclini 1925 concludes: “The extraordinary success of both the new collection and our traditional and continuing range, shows that the path we have embarked on – towards innovation starting from our great historic tradition – looking to constant restyling at the same time, is the right one. For us it is crucial to encourage change through inspirations which enhance our unique know-how, together with the great history on which we always rely”.

When innovation meets passion:

Canclini 1925 weaves Italian excellence through quality, style and service.

Artisan craft, experience and high eco-technological specialization: the great tradition of fabrics for shirts which styles the future.

Search for quality, the ability to interpret elegance and a product inspired by tradition, though always trendy: these are the distinctive traits which define the vocation of Canclini 1925, a point of reference worldwide for shirt fabric manufacturing. This expertise is implemented through dynamic creativity and 100 % Made in Italy artisan craft. These are the foundations which make the history and capability of Canclini 1925 unique, as standard bearer for everlasting style.

All this results from an authentic family tradition which, for three generations, has been the driving force of the company, shaping each collection. This passion is at the service of tireless search in terms of style and technology which underlies the whole Canclini 1925 innovative approach. The goal is to offer, through its fabrics, an inimitable experience, “creating wellbeing” and emotion through touch alone, respecting the environment and humans.

Canclini’s development and philosophy

Founded in 1925, Canclini has always been a company able to combine extraordinary creativity and product care, established as a silk factory in the Como region. This tradition was renewed in the 1960s with the shift to the cotton sector, aiming more and more at customer service, developing a partnership and trust relation. Working with Canclini 1925 means reaching into the tradition of a family which has always been passionate about its work, dynamic, creative and focused on continuous innovation.

These are distinctive and qualifying elements in the Canclini 1925 approach. An approach which, in line with the research and development pathway on which the company has always invested substantial resources, also involves considerable attention the topic of environmental and social accountability. This commitment is confirmed by numerous and prestigious certifications in the company portfolio, starting from the careful selection of raw materials to its social commitment. More specifically, Canclini 1925 has been awarded the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), SUPIMA COTTON (the Pima “Gossypium Barbadense” cotton, classified as Extra-long Staple) certifications, following the Standard 100 by OECO-TEX®, BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and GRS (Global Recycle Standard). A comprehensive range of tools which, combined with its in-house know-how and expertise capital, enhances the portfolio of Canclini 1925 branded innovations.

This accountability approach also encompasses the social area with the association “Un sorriso in più” (“One extra smile”). Founded and managed by the company, it is a non-profit organisation engaged in projects which include assistance in nursing homes to elderly persons without family ties, as well as in the support to children living difficult and disadvantaged family situations, focusing its activity on “human life quality”.

The Canclini Family Members

The uniqueness generated by this meeting between tradition and innovation is the driving force behind corporate research, as well as the truly distinctive reason for its style and technology development. The high-performance looms and technologies used make the company strong and flexible enough for contemporary market requirements. The trademark passion of the Canclini family completes the picture within which the company operates, true to an approach which is at the same time artisan and high-tech, a point of reference in Italy and worldwide.

Thanks to its substantial manufacturing capacity, Canclini today is present on all of the most influential shirt markets worldwide, and – with its new Blue 1925 line – also in the denim world. In this way the company has succeeded in positioning itself among major players in textile manufacturing, authentically Italian because of its far- sighted business vision, care for details and production flexibility. It is the approach, which – over the years – has allowed the group to take over important enterprises in the sector, for example Hausmann-Moos and Profilo Tessile, Maglificio Mida and Grandi & Rubinelli.

According to Simone Canclini, CEO of Canclini 1925: “What characterises the Canclini 1925 spirit is first and foremost genuine passion driven by our inspiring principles: quality, style and service. These elements have allowed us to become and remain a point of reference worldwide, to rediscover the everyday – basic and exciting – emotion of choosing a special shirt”.