WOND3R founders launch the future of fashion with CROSSxOVER

WOND3R founders Kerry Chrapliwy, Graham Painter and Charlie Le see that the future of fashion is all about exploration and dressing comfortably to do so.

Having been part of successful collaborations with Beats Audio, Vivienne Tam, Teen Vogue and HP – as well as inventing the fashion x technology category – the WOND3R trio took over New York Fashion Week for then client Visit Houston with the 2017 S/S Vivienne Tam Show, which secured over 4 billion impressions. Kerry Chrapliwy noted, “We noticed right away that the entire model was wrong. Fashion designers are having to pay stars to attend and participate. We thought, when the consumer is craving diversity why is everyone trying to be exclusive? Why can’t fashion be inclusive?”          

In early 2017 WOND3R was asked by NBA legend/fashion designer Kevin Willis to host a fashion show at the NBA All Star Week. “We thought about it and then went back and started to research the opportunity. Everyone hosts a fashion show. What we wanted to do is own the category by coming up with a platform that connects to the over 350 Billion dollars spent on drops and streetwear in the changing fashion industry,” said founder Kerry Chrapliwy.

Charlie Le adds, “When you think of fashion, you usually think of high-end brands. Brands like YSL or Gucci. In reality, NIKE is the largest fashion brand on the planet. We see CROSSxOVER as several things: a semi-annual event, a news source and an e-commerce platform. Our goal is to become VICE/IMG/MR.PORTER for the growing athleisure/streetwear market.” Charlie added “When we formed CROSSxOVER, we saw Supreme was utilizing scarcity to dominate the market even more. The next year James Jebbia won the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year. Next came Virgil Abloh being named head of menswear for LVMH. This showed us that fashion is looking to sport intently as a launching point for not only how fashion looks, but how it operates. And we’re seeing it as a place to play, document and highlight what’s to come in terms of society and culture.”

Where is fashion heading? “The shifts in the fashion industry are real. Currently there are only 4 major fashion weeks: New York, Milan, London and Paris. Why not Asia or South America?” adds founder Graham Painter. CROSSxOVER is aiming to change all of that.

WOND3R is a global creative agency, we grow your business through emotion. Founded in 2016 by industry veterans Kerry Chrapliwy, Graham Painter and Charlie Le in the most diverse city in America, Houston Texas. We build integrated ideas shared billions of times through experiential, social and digital platforms. We come from the future and we are here to help. www.wond3r.company

CROSSxOVER was established in the most diverse city in America: Houston, Texas. Its goal is to bring both diversity and inclusiveness to fashion through a fashion platform, news media and e-commerce platform. CROSSxOVER is focused on the more than 350 billion dollar athleisure/sportswear market worldwide.