Swiss Crealet’s review of ITMA Barcelona 2019

The exhibition days at ITMA 2019 have exceeded all expectations. That is true for the exhibition itself – themed “Innovating the World of Textiles” – as well as for the many positive and interesting conversations we had.

Photo of Booth

The Crealet Booth at ITMA in Barcelona

We enjoyed the personal contact with the different players of the textile industry. The close exchange of ideas and foreseeable requirements confirmed that we have met the industry’s expectations with our solutions once again.

The focus of Swiss Crealet’s presentation was the new BLDC controls, with software that has been especially developed for the textile industry.

These controls are used for warp feeding on narrow weaving machines and to control the selvedge threads to wide weaving machines in order to prevent waviness at the selvedge area.

A Swiss Innovation

The BLDC control for warp tension is a pure Swiss innovation. Together with our local partners we designed and developed new software specifically designed for the requirements and needs of the textile industry.

The BLDC control is a Swiss quality product. Furthermore, software updates, product availability and spare parts supply are guaranteed for the long term.

New warp feed systems for narrow weaving.

This control meets the highest demands for precision and dynamics and can be quickly adapted to product- or customer-specific requirements.

Advantages of the BLDC control

  • Reproducibility of the production data
  • Tracebility of the production- and process data
  • Fabric data storage
  • Easy handling
  • Network-capable

Digital transformation in narrow weaving

With our BLDC control, the narrow weaving industry are taking a major step towards digital transformation and setting a decisive milestone for future success.

BLDC controlled selvedge yarn feed on wide weaving machines

Selvedge Waviness

When weaving dense fabrics, the selvedge areas of the fabric may be looser than the rest of the fabric. This result is a selvedge waviness, also known as floppy selvedge.

Wide Looms with BLDC

The wider the fabrics are produced, the more pronounced the waviness becomes. Due to the wavy selvedges of the fabric it is difficult to process such fabrics because the edges cannot be held with the same tension as the rest of the fabric.


These fabrics are often coated in a second phase. The wavy selvedges also have a negative effect during coating process. Due to the loose edges a uniform coating of the fabric is almost impossible.


The new BLDC control for yarn feed systems on wide looms increases the precision of the yarn tension and opens up new perspectives in regard to controllability and error avoidance.

New warp feed systems for narrow weaving: INTELLIGENT WARP BEAMS

New warp feed systems for narrow weaving


It was possible to show the visitors impressively the enormous advantages such a system brings with it in relation to:

  • Reproducibility of the production data
  • Tracebility of the production- and process data
  • Fabric data storage
  • Easy handling

When is the right time?

There are many reasons for investing in complex warp feed systems, but they are mainly used when converting to:

  • larger warp beams,
  • when implementing intelligent warp tension control,
  • when optimising warp beam handling and
  • when adapting to current safety regulations.

Network integration

The warp feed systems can be integrated into a network. This possibility opens up a major leap in automation in the production of narrow textiles.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Investments in warp feed systems help to reduce resources and cost and simultaneously increase productivity and efficiency.

Retrofitting existing let-off devices with BLDC control

Due to the increasing demands on quality, punctuality and costs, textile companies are called upon to permanently optimise their machinery and production processes.

Warp thread tension is an important process in weaving. From the full to the empty warp beam this parameter must be kept constant.

The same conditions must be created for weaving from creel, because, in both cases, warp thread tensions that are too high or too low lead to warp thread breaks, which counteracts good weaving behaviour.

Three central benefits

With electronic warp let-off devices from CREALET weavers can benefit in three ways: The balanced tension reduces the machine load, increases the efficiency and improves the fabric quality.

With the BLDC control, presented for the first time at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, and the corresponding load cells, existing let-off devices can be retrofitted.

Safety first

When retrofitting, however, considerations must also be made with the regard to safety regulations. Special attention must be paid to warp beam handling and bearing.

For this reason, we use safety chucks for larger warp beams. These offer safety during unwinding and winding. The closing mechanism can only be opened when the machine is at a standstill and when the opening mechanism is at the top.

It is also very easy to insert the warp beams using the inclined handwheel.